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New Marble Design Disposable Masks By Taiwanese Brand JiuJiu, Can Ship Them To Singapore

New Marble Design Disposable Masks By Taiwanese Brand JiuJiu, Can Ship Them To Singapore

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By Wei Yin on 03 Nov 2020
Digital Editor

If you liked the pastel ombré disposable masks we covered previously, you might love these pretty marble design disposable masks even more!


These new ones are by the same Taiwanese brand, JiuJiu, and you can get them shipped to Singapore too.

Read on to find out more!

JiuJiu marble disposable masksPhoto from JiuJiu

The 3-ply disposable masks are said to be breathable and they come with soft and stretchable ear loops as well as a nose wire for an adjustable fit. The size of the masks are in the dimensions of 17.5 x 9.5 cm and come in a pack of 10 per design.

Check out the six new designs below:

#1 Carrara White

JiuJiu Carrara white marble maskPhoto from JiuJiu


This classic marble design with a white background and black swirls can literally match with any outfit in your wardrobe!

#2 Munich Black

JiuJiu Munich black marble maskPhoto from JiuJiu

Those who prefer something darker will like this design. The white swirls on the black background make this another timeless design you can wear out every day.

#3 Rose Aurora

JiuJiu rose aurora marble maskPhoto from JiuJiu

This one is for the ladies who prefer something more feminine! The light pink marble design is going to instantly spruce up any outfit you have on.

#4 Rainbow Smoothie


JiuJiu rainbow smoothie marble maskPhoto from JiuJiu

Doesn't this remind you of delicious paddlepop ice cream?

#5 Purple Light

JiuJiu purple light marble maskPhoto from JiuJiu

The purple, blue and white colour combination is so ethereal it makes this design look like it belongs on a canvas as a painting!

#6 Pink and Blue

JiuJiu pink and blue marble maskPhoto from JiuJiu

Pink and blue is another classic colour combination that will never go wrong!


JiuJiu marble masks designsPhoto from JiuJiu

Aren't these marble design masks too pretty to resist? These are going to make you dread wearing a mask less!

By the way, JiuJiu also has limited edition ombré masks in three new colours. As the colours for these masks are darker compared to the previous collection, those who prefer muted shades that aren't too overwhelming will appreciate these.

JiuJiu three new mask coloursPhoto from JiuJiu


Check out the three new colours below:

#1 Fuchsia Island 

JiuJiu fuchsia island masksPhoto from JiuJiu


Who knew purplish red and blue would go so well together? The blue brightens the look of the mask slightly so you can easily pair it with any casual outfit for everyday wear.

#2 Oia Dawn 

JiuJiu oia red dawn masksPhoto from JiuJiu

The orangey purple colours remind us of the sky during dawn in Oia, Greece!

#3 Morandi Green

JiuJiu morandi green masksPhoto from JiuJiu

The monochromatic green colour combination makes this mask the perfect accessory for your office outfits.

Although these masks are only available in Taiwan, we have found a pre-order you can join on Airfrov here (marble design) and here (ombré design) at a price of $19 per packet. Get your hands on them soon!