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'American Horror Story' Murder House Live Stream Event Tickets Are On Sale & Avail. In Singapore

'American Horror Story' Murder House Live Stream Event Tickets Are On Sale & Avail. In Singapore

By Karmen on 27 Oct 2020
Digital Editor

Now that major Halloween events in Singapore are cancelled, there doesn't seem to be many ways to celebrate this spooky season. You could watch some of the best Korean horror films or join a Halloween-themed baking class, but these activities might not offer enough thrill and horror for some.


If that's you, how about visiting a horror house virtually? The Murder House, the actual film location of the American Horror Story: Murder House TV series, is letting visitors inside for the first time ever this month.

A live stream event will feature cameras set up throughout the 10,000-square foot home streaming live for three days straight. There will also be a line-up of guests who will host activities like a seance and tarot card reading. And yes, it's available for Singaporeans and other international viewers to participate.

Keep reading to check them out! 

Fans of the first season of American Horror Story will recognise The Murder House as it's a real haunted location in Los Angeles known as the Rosenheim Mansion.

Rosenheim Mansion outside view at nightPhoto from The Murder House

What better way to celebrate Halloween and give yourself the real spooks than to venture into this eerie mansion?

During the 24-hour, 3-day live stream event, you can explore the mansion virtually through 15 cameras in different parts of the home.


Here's a peek at some of the rooms:

The Gold Ceiling Room (Camera 9)

The Gold Ceiling Room at Rosenheim MansionPhoto from The Murder House

Cocktail Lounge (Camera 8)

Rosenheim Mansion Cocktail LoungePhoto from The Murder House

Final Resting Place (Camera 4)

beds with skeleton at Rosenheim Mansion Final Resting PlacePhoto from The Murder House

jars of oddities at Final Resting Place Rosenheim MansionPhoto from The Murder House


Besides marvelling at the mansion and fangirling over familiar American Horror Story sights, you can also view and even participate in the program.

Here's the current outline of activities:

  • Join Exorcist Bishop James Long in the first-ever paranormal investigation.
  • Famous psychic and white witch Patti Negri will lead the first-ever seance in this mansion.
  • Michelle Belanger, vampire expert and author, will discuss the haunting world of the occult.
  • Find out about the history & traditions of Halloween with prolific historian Lisa Morton.
  • Tarot expert Sasha Graham will explain the world of tarot and one lucky ticket holder will get a virtual tarot reading live on air.
  • Energy healer Satish Dholakia will offer advice on how to protect yourself from negative energies and unwanted evil entities.
  • Discover the addictive nature of horror and the pathology of fear with psychiatrist Dr Waguih Ishak.
  • Delve into the history of medieval torture techniques with homeowner and cardiologist Professor Dr Ernst von Schwarz.

nun sitting on chair in Rosenheim MansionPhoto from The Murder House

The live stream event will start this Friday, 30 October at 10am and end on Monday, 2 November at 11am in Singapore time. Tickets are on sale for US$25, ~S$33.99.

Tickets can be purchased here:

Check out The Murder House live stream event trailer below:

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