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10 Reasons To Keep Your Nails Short Instead Of Having Super Long “Claws”

10 Reasons To Keep Your Nails Short Instead Of Having Super Long “Claws”

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By Rachel Yohannan on 20 Oct 2020
Senior Digital Editor

Picture the ideal set of nails in your head; You’ve probably imagined smooth, slender fingers, and a well-manicured set of digits with impressive length. Time and again, it’s been ingrained that long nails = best nails. You don’t often hear of people fawning over short, trimmed nails or rushing to get their talons clipped. It’s quite the opposite, in fact, with many ladies going after gel extensions instead.


But there are plenty of perks to having short fingernails, and they can look just as good as long ones. You might be skeptical if you’ve been trying to grow yours out for the longest time, but here are 10 reasons that might just change your mind and convince you to embrace the short-nailed look.

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Read on to find out why keeping your nails short might be a good idea!

#1: Getting intimate with your partner will be easier

Reasons to keep nails shortPhoto from Pinterest

While keeping things PG13 here, let’s just say that short nails won’t get in the way of “cuddle” time with your partner, and you won’t have to worry about accidentally scratching him in the process.

#2: Accessories will stand out better without your hands looking overwhelmed


Reasons to keep nails shortPhoto from @lovebythemoon.studios via Instagram

With short nails, your accessories like rings and bracelets will stand out better, with a more balanced look overall. Long nails paired with arm candy or finger bling can look overwhelming, especially on those with smaller hands.

#3: It’s more hygienic as dirt won’t get stuck underneath

Reasons to keep nails shortPhoto from @jessicarhoades_nails via Instagram

Long nails trap dirt underneath them more easily than short ones. Even if they appear clean, they might harbour invisible bacteria that’s invisible to the naked eye. Despite thoroughly washing your hands with soap, there might still be germs hiding in hard-to-reach crannies, and this can result in potential infections.

#4: Some nail art designs actually look better on shorter nails

Reasons to keep nails shortPhoto from @nailist_dahye via Instagram

Believe it or not, nail art can look just as good on short nails as long nails - sometimes, even better. This would especially be the case for manicure designs that involve florals, cutesy patterns, and candy colours. Besides, too-long nails with ostentatious 3D embellishments and glitter flakes can border on witchy if you’re not careful.


Reasons to keep nails shortPhoto from @polished_yogi via Instagram

#5: You’ll be less tempted to bite them

Reasons to keep nails shortPhoto from FitnessAsk

In idle moments, some of us start tapping our feet, while others twirl pens. And then there are those who start biting their nails.

Biting your nails not only damages them, it’s also not good for your health as you’ll be ingesting whatever bacteria that has been accumulated on and under them. But there’s less temptation to do that when there’s little to bite in the first place - so if nail-biting is a bad habit of yours, perhaps keeping them short will help you kick it.

#6: Everyday things like texting, cooking, and putting on contacts become more fuss-free

Reasons to keep nails shortPhoto from @burgaofficial via Instagram

Ladies with long talons would know the pain of trying to do the simplest, everyday tasks. Typing on a keyboard, opening containers, and even fiddling with buttons and zippers can prove to be difficult with those nails in the way. And constantly poking yourself in the eye when you’re trying to put on or remove your contacts? Ouch!


Our nails are primarily meant to protect our fingers, not to render us helpless. Life gets a lot easier when your fingers are properly functional - you’ll be surprised by just how much time you’ll save on the little things with short nails.

#7: Nail polish chips and scratches will be less noticeable

Because long nails have more surface area and are also more eye-catching, any nail polish chips and scratches will be instantly made more obvious - which can be embarrassing if you’re going on a first date or attending an important business meeting. On the other hand, those boo-boos will be less noticeable - and less prone to occurring - when your nails are well-trimmed.

#8: Moisturising your fingertips can be done more evenly

Reasons to keep nails shortPhoto from @thebodyshop via Instagram

You know what they say - you can tell a woman’s age by the state of her hands, so it’s important to keep yours hydrated. It’s harder for moisturiser to reach your fingertips when obscured by long nails, and this can result in dry, flaky, and rough skin. Shorter nails allow for a more even application of hand cream for skin that's smooth and silky all over.

#9: They’ll be stronger, healthier, and less prone to breakage

As we all know, shorter hair that undergoes regular trims tends to be healthier and stronger than long hair, and the same can be said for fingernails. What’s more, long nails tend to bend and get caught on things more easily, resulting in brittleness and breakage as time goes by.

#10: There’s always the option of press-ons or extensions

Reasons to keep nails shortPhoto from @khakiolives via Instagram

Short nails are super versatile - you can keep them as-is, or have the option to lengthen them temporarily for special occasions through extensions. To avoid damaging your digits, try going for press-on nails, which are more low-commitment and can easily be soaked off in warm water.

Check out our article on press-on nail brands in Singapore to find out where you can get affordable ones from just $10 per set. Some of them are reusable too, giving you great bang for your buck!

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