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8 Nail Trends To Try Now That Phase 2 Is Here & You Can Book A Manicure Appointment

8 Nail Trends To Try Now That Phase 2 Is Here & You Can Book A Manicure Appointment

By Wei Yin on 22 Jun 2020
Digital Editor

It's time to rejoice as beauty salons have finally been allowed to operate in Phase 2! That means you can get a facial, massage and your nails done.

If you are thinking of booking a manicure appointment but have no idea which design to go for, here are eight nail trends you should try out next.

Check them out below!

#1 French nails

Cat eye French nails Photo from @Pppllllnnn via 小红书

Pastel blue French nailsPhoto from @肉完 via 小红书

Glitter French nailsPhoto from @桔子练练脑 via 小红书

Silver French nailsPhoto from @杨羊羊🐑 via 小红书

French nails are so elegant and classy, perfect for working ladies! Instead of the usual pale pink and white colour combination, let your creativity run wild by using other colours (but retaining the same technique) to achieve something more modern. Glitter and pastel-coloured tips are some of the more popular French nail designs.

#2 Brush strokes design 

Red brush strokes nail artPhoto from @G88818 via 小红书

Green and blue brush strokes nail artPhoto from @kabeelam via 小红书

Colourful brush strokes nail artPhoto from @熙仔酱 via 小红书

For the ladies who prefer more design on their nails, the brush strokes nail art is the one to try. It looks good on both coloured and plain nails and is artistic-looking despite being relatively easy to achieve! You can also amp up the luxurious factor by adding some gold flakes or glitter.

#3 Lipstick-shaped nails 

Purple chrome lipstick shaped nailsPhoto from @nail_unistella via Instagram

Crushed shells lipstick shaped nailsPhoto from @nail_unistella via Instagram

Purple glitter lipstick shaped nailsPhoto from @nail_unistella via Instagram

First made popular by Park Eunkyung, nail artist of Unistella Nails, the unusually shaped nail is filed at an asymmetrical angle to achieve a slant that is reminiscent of a lipstick bullet. The uniquely shaped lipstick nail feels like you are having a short and long nail all in one. Many Korean celebrities have also donned these trendy nails so this is one to consider if you are looking to try something different at your next manicure session!

#4 Crushed shells design

Blue crushed shells nail artPhoto from @✨葡萄柚子✨ via 小红书

White crushed shells nail artPhoto from @爱吃巧克力的小猪猪 via 小红书

Grey crushed shells nail artPhoto from @yogurtp1z via 小红书

Mother of pearl shells nail artPhoto from Pinterest


The crushed shells design, aka the Mother of Pearl, is so mesmerising because of how smooth and shiny it looks! It's a really elegant nail art that will complement your outfits. We recommend pairing this nail design with lighter colours such as pastel blue, white, pastel pink, lilac and grey for an ethereal vibe.

#5 Milk tea shade

Milk tea shade nailsPhoto from @橙子佳 via 小红书

Milk tea shade nails with designsPhoto from @kabeelam via 小红书

Milk tea nails with shells designPhoto from @JennyLuo via 小红书

Anything milk tea related is a want and it's the same case for nail designs. Using a nude colour that complements your skin tone will let you achieve a set of insta-worthy milk tea nails. It's a flattering shade that works well with many kinds of nail art too!

#6 Marble nails

Pink quartz marble nailsPhoto from Pinterest

Pink marble nailsPhoto from Pinterest

Blue marble nailsPhoto from Pinterest

From Rihanna's jade marble nails to other marblelous nail designs, this nail trend is definitely one that won't die down anytime soon. We love how versatile marble nail designs are as it can be paired with almost any colour to create beautiful swirls. Go for lighter colours such as pink to create a a fairy-like nail design or darker colours like black and blue for a mysterious and alluring vibe.

#7 Pearl nails

Ombre pearl nailsPhoto from @正义涵Katniss via 小红书

Nude nails with pearls Photo from @饰颜纹绣美甲美睫💋丹丹 via 小红书

White pearls nail artPhoto from @小鱼同学 via 小红书

Purple pearls nail artPhoto from @A B C. via 小红书

If you think pearls are old-fashioned, think again! When done right, it adds a slight cuteness and vintage vibe to your nails. The trick is to use big pearls sparingly and go for more small pearls. You will want to attach those small pearls near your cuticles or around the edges of your entire nail and only one on your nail if using a big pearl.

#8 Candy-inspired nails

Candy-inspired nailsPhoto from Pinterest

Pastel coloured candy-inspired nailsPhoto from Pinterest

This sweet nail art design will surely brighten your day! The candy-inspired design uses mostly pastel colours and a watercolour effect to achieve the diffused look. Pair it with any design to instantly make your hands and nails look cuter.

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