4 Flattering Eyelash Extension Styles Singaporean Girls Are Going For & Where To Get Them Done

4 Flattering Eyelash Extension Styles Singaporean Girls Are Going For & Where To Get Them Done

By Wei Yin on 19 Oct 2020
Digital Editor

We don't know about you but we certainly think eyelash extensions are godsent as they are capable of making one look dolled up with literally zero effort. Having them on almost makes I-woke-up-like-this a reality!

Many Singaporean girls have also been jumping on the bandwagon by getting their eyelashes extended in recent years so they can do away with annoying mascara clumps and smudges. Plus, they are way more convenient compared to putting on falsies and applying mascara every day.

So, here are four flattering and most popular eyelash extension styles Singaporean girls are going for and where you can get them done.

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#1 Airy (2D) 

Airy 2d lashesPhoto from Dlashsg

Airy is one of the most natural-looking and youthful eyelash extension styles but is still noticeable enough as compared to classic eyelash extensions. Comprising of two eyelash extensions to each natural lash, the Airy style gives the eyes a doll-like look that is great for everyday wear.

This style is perfect for beginners who have never had their eyelashes extended before as it's subtle yet is able to give your eyes more depth. If you seldom apply eyeshadow, the Airy style will help to make you look like you put effort into applying makeup.

Just like its name suggests, this style is aimed at looking 'airy' and natural so you won't even feel like you have anything on your lashes.

#2 Bloom (3D/4D)

Bloom 3d 4d lashesPhoto from Dlashsg

If you apply eyeshadow often, you can consider trying the Bloom style that will enhance the different eye makeup looks you experiment with. With three to four eyelash extensions attached to each natural lash, the 'fan' effect is achieved and this widens the eyes to give the illusion of bigger peepers.

Working ladies who are always strapped for time will also love this Bloom style as you can even do away with eyeshadow. As it's thicker compared to the Airy style, you will get an eyeliner effect which once again means you can do away with applying eyeliner everyday too!

Ladies with single eyelids or hooded eyes can also try the Bloom style to widen the eyes and make them appear bigger and brighter.

#3 Kylie (4D/5D) 

Kylie 4d 5d lashesPhoto from Dlashsg

Named after Kylie Jenner whose lashes are always on fleek, the Kylie style is the one to go for if you prefer a sultry and sexy look. More suited for those with double eyelids, the Kylie style involves attaching four to five eyelash extensions to each natural lash.

This style involves creating a wispy design which means using a mixture of different curls and lengths to create that short to long look. This eyelash extension style is also able to give you a cat eye look so you won't even have to draw a winged eyeliner.

If you find your eyes a little droopy for your liking, this style with longer lashes on the outer corner of the eye will lift them, making them look more awake.

#4 Soufflé (5D/6D) 

Souffle 5d 6d lashesPhoto from Dlashsg

The Soufflé style is inspired by fluffy soufflé pancakes that are light and bouncy. This style is voluminous and will make you look like you have both eyeliner and falsies on. Attaching five to six eyelash extensions to each natural lash might sound intimidating but when done right, it will feel light and look fabulous at the same time!

The Soufflé style is also capable of taking you from day to night with one swipe of an eyeshadow shade. This is the style to go for if you wish to stun everyone you make eye contact with!

Where to get them done

Dlashsg storePhoto from Dlashsg

Tempted to get your lashes done now? The four popular eyelash extension styles mentioned above can all be done at Dlashsg, a beauty salon known for its eyelash extension services.

Dlashsg KOL eyelash extensionsPhoto from Dlashsg

A scroll through Dlashsg's Instagram page will show you how well liked the brand is, especially among local influencers such as Mongabong, Carrine Low and more. That is because Dlashsg only uses high quality lashes and glue to ensure the eyelash extensions stay intact for as long as possible. Plus, their lash technicians are all highly skilled so customers only have to lay back and relax before walking out with their desired results.

Here are the prices for the four eyelash extension styles:

  • Airy: $78
  • Bloom: $88
  • Kylie: $98
  • Soufflé: $98 (Dlashsg's signature!)

Dlashsg treatment roomPhoto from Dlashsg

Dlashsg's outlets are also decked out in an Insta-worthy pink with plush velvet couches and quilted backdrops so you can take photos of your new look after your appointment.

Apart from eyelash extensions, Dlashsg also does manicures, pedicures and eyebrow embroidery. It's a one-stop place for you to pamper yourself from head to toe!

Dlashsg's promotion

Dlashsg eyelash extension servicePhoto from Dlashsg

Now's the time to get your lashes extended because Dlashsg is having a promotion. Make an appointment and enjoy $20 off all eyelash extension services till 31 December 2020 at any of Dlashsg's three outlets!

WhatsApp 87497332 for enquiries and make an appointment via the Dlashsg website.

Address (three outlets): 10 Anson Road #02-15 Singapore 079903 | Blk 208A Punggol Place Singapore 821208 | East Village 430 Upper Changi Rd #01-20/21 Singapore 487048
Operating hours: 11AM - 9PM daily

This post is brought to you by Dlashsg. 

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