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New LINE FRIENDS Ceramic Tableware Will Make You Feel Like You Are Dining In Korea

New LINE FRIENDS Ceramic Tableware Will Make You Feel Like You Are Dining In Korea

By Wei Yin on 21 Aug 2020
Digital Editor

LINE FRIENDS is back with another collection, this time with KwangJuYo, Korea's leading brand of luxury ware.


LINE FRIENDS tablewarePhoto from @linefriends via Instagram

The BROWN & FRIENDS x KwangJuYo drop is a collection of ceramic tableware inspired by the historic traditional artisanship of Joseon Dynasty, but of course, with a cute and modern touch.

Check them out below!

Noodle Bowl Set (Brown & Sally)

LINE FRIENDS noodle bowl setPhoto from LINE FRIENDS

This noodle bowl set (61 USD, ~83 SGD) comes with a big bowl perfect for noodles with soup or rice with toppings, a smaller side dish bowl and a chopstick and spoon rest to keep your utensils clean.

Bell Cup Set (Brown & Cony)


LINE FRIENDS bell cup setPhoto from @linefriends via Instagram

The bell cup set (56 USD, ~77 SGD) has Brown and Cony dressed up in exquisite hanboks and these cups make a dazzling clear sound when liquid is poured into them. Use them as drinking cups or dessert bowls.

Round Dish (Brown/Brown & Sally)

LINE FRIENDS round dish bigPhoto from LINE FRIENDS

LINE FRIENDS round dish smallPhoto from LINE FRIENDS

Get the round dish 17 (29 USD, ~40 SGD) to serve dishes for sharing or the round dish 14 (27 USD, ~37 SGD) for personal use. The bigger plate features only Brown while the smaller one features both Brown and Sally.

Straight Mug (Brown & Sally)



Drink your favourite coffee and tea using this mug (29 USD, ~40 SGD) with Brown printed on it. It looks like flowers are growing out of Brown's head too, how cute!

Coaster (Brown/Sally)

LINE FRIENDS Brown coasterPhoto from LINE FRIENDS

LINE FRIENDS Sally coasterPhoto from LINE FRIENDS

These coasters in the Brown or Sally design (10 USD, ~14 SGD) are made of diatomaceous earth, a material that absorbs and releases moisture quickly to keep your table and furniture dry.

Spoon & Chopsticks Stand (Brown)

LINE FRIENDS spoon and chopsticks restPhoto from LINE FRIENDS

Keep your dining table looking neat with this spoon and chopsticks stand (20 USD, ~27 SGD).


Dish Towel (Brown)

LINE FRIENDS dish towelPhoto from LINE FRIENDS

This eco-friendly pure cotton dish towel (15 USD, ~21 SGD) has mini Brown embroidered on the bottom right!

Wood Tray (Brown)


This luxurious-looking wood tray (45 USD, ~62 SGD) is perfect for afternoon tea or to serve snacks to your guests.

Have you already decided which ones to get? Good news is these are available for international shipping to Singapore and you can find the full collection here. There is also free shipping for orders over 120 USD!

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