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Alette Blanc Japan Has 33 Different Pantone-Coloured Watches, Take A 1 Min Test To Find Your Match

Alette Blanc Japan Has 33 Different Pantone-Coloured Watches, Take A 1 Min Test To Find Your Match

By Wei Yin on 27 Jul 2020
Digital Editor

If you liked the 366 birth colour phone cases and 366 birth flowers we covered, you will love these watches with a similar concept!


Alette Blanc Japan has 33 different gorgeous Pantone-coloured watches from pastels to minimalist colours for everyday wear. The brand even came up with a quick one minute test to help you decide which colour will suit you best.

Read on to find out more!

Alette Blanc pastel watchesPhoto from @aletteblanc_jp

The Palette collection watches come with a rose gold and white watch face. The design is kept simple but the fun part is getting to choose your own watch strap in 33 different colours!

Palette collection 

Palette collection pink watchesPhoto from Alette Blanc

These are perfect for the ladies who like sweet pastel colours such as pinks and nude pinks. The Shell Pink (second row, second from right) is a popular shade many go for.


Palette collection minimalist watchesPhoto from Alette Blanc

Need a watch for work and to match with your office outfits? These minimalist grey and beige watches will complement any outfit you have in your wardrobe.

Palette collection green and blue watchesPhoto from Alette Blanc

These pastel watches in greenish or blueish shades remind us of the ocean and are too pretty to resist!

Palette collection deep hues watchesPhoto from Alette Blanc

Watches with a brown watch strap are classics and Alette Blanc has a variety for you to choose from. The Cappuccino (second row, second from right) is another popular choice you can consider.

Palette collection brown watchesPhoto from Alette Blanc

If you prefer deeper browns, the Chocolate (second from left) is also a good choice!


Alette Blanc black watchPhoto from Alette Blanc

Of course, there is a black watch strap for those who want something timeless.

1 minute test

This quick test with only three questions will give you a selection of colours that suit you best. Try this if you can't decide on a favourite!

Here's how:

What is your hair and eye colour? 

Alette Blanc one minute test Photo from Alette Blanc

Left: Dark or light brown
Right: Black or greyish brown


What happens when you get a tan? 

Alette Blanc sunburnt questionPhoto from Alette Blanc

Left: Skin doesn't turn red but becomes darker
Right: Skin turns red but returns to original colour after some time

What is the colour of your veins (check your inner wrist)? 

Alette Blanc veins questionPhoto from Alette Blanc

Left: Greenish
Right: Blueish or reddish

Click on the red button when you are done answering the questions and a set of suggested watch strap colours will appear.

Alette Blanc suggested coloursPhoto from Alette Blanc

You can then click on the different coloured boxes to see the watches - easy! Take the test here.

Each watch costs 17,000 JPY (~222 SGD) and is unfortunately only available in Japan but you can always get a friend or traveller on Airfrov to bring it back for you!

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