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New 3D Hello Kitty Cups By Goodglas Japan

New 3D Hello Kitty Cups By Goodglas Japan

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By Karmen on 21 Jul 2020
Digital Editor

Remember the cute 3D Shiba Inu and fruit glasses by Goodglas Japan? Well, their latest creation released today features Hello Kitty! ?


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Creative glass and cup designer Goodglas Japan is well-known for their double glass walled-glasses that craftsmen make by hand. The inner glass layer is designed in cute shapes like animals, fruit, and now Hello Kitty!

empty Goodglas Hello Kitty glasses red blue and goldPhoto from Goodglas Japan

When you pour your drink into it, the Hello Kitty shape becomes more prominent and takes on the colour of your drink. Pour in a white beverage like milk to create the classic Hello Kitty design or change up her look with different coloured beverages!

Goodglas Hello Kitty glasses red and goldPhoto from Goodglas Japan

Goodglas Hello Kitty red glass filled with brown drinkPhoto from Goodglas Japan

The glasses come in four variations with different bow colours.



Goodglas Hello Kitty glass redPhoto from Goodglas Japan


Goodglas Hello Kitty glass pinkPhoto from Goodglas Japan


Goodglas Hello Kitty glass bluePhoto from Goodglas Japan


Goodglas Hello Kitty glass goldPhoto from Goodglas Japan

They've started going on sale today for 3,600 yen each (~S$46.66) on their website but only ships within Japan. Let's hope that Goodglas Japan will add these Hello Kitty glasses to their online website for international shoppers or in Tokyu Hands Singapore stores soon. ?

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