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EZ-Link Has A New $10 Pokemon Sword & Shield Card + 3 Cute Toy Story Wearables

EZ-Link Has A New $10 Pokemon Sword & Shield Card + 3 Cute Toy Story Wearables

By Rachel Yohannan on 02 Jul 2020
Senior Digital Editor

Alright, so EZ-Link already knows one of our biggest weaknesses - and that’s cute character-themed transport trinkets. We still haven’t gotten over their BT21 charm, Tokidoki mirror charm, or Cinnamoroll charm. At this rate, we’re gonna be spending more on EZ-Link items than our actual bus and train fares!


Better guard your wallet, ‘cause they’re here to tempt us once again with a new Pokemon EZ-Link card and 3 Toy Story wearables. Here’s how you can get them.

Read on to find out more about EZ-Link’s Pokemon card and Toy Story wearables!

Ez-Link Pokemon sword and shield cardPhoto from EZ-Link

For those who don’t fancy having dangly charms on your bags and wallets, and prefer having your transport credits stored the old-school way, EZ-Link has finally come through with a cute new Pokemon card.

This Sword and Shield edition card features the characters Pikachu, Scorbunny, Grookey, and Sobble looking all geared up for a good battle.

This costs $10 and can be bought via vending machines at Junction 8, Bugis Junction, and Westgate.

Ez-Link Toy Story Wearables charmPhoto from EZ-Link

If you’d rather go hands-free, there are Toy Story wearables which you can easily slip onto your watch or fitness tracker strap. Pick from Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and Alien designs. These are sold on EZ-Link’s official Shopee store for $19.90 each.

Check out our previous article on EZ-Link's Doraemon wearables to get an idea of how these Toy Story ones will look like on your watch.

Ez-Link Toy Story Wearables charmPhoto from EZ-Link

Before purchasing, make sure you take advantage of our exclusive Shopee promo code:
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From now till 30 JULY.

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