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Japan's Drive-In Haunted House Confines You In A Car So You Can't Escape

Japan's Drive-In Haunted House Confines You In A Car So You Can't Escape

By Wei Yin on 26 Jun 2020
Digital Editor

Haunted houses are a must-visit at any theme park especially for horror junkies, but the Japanese are taking it up a notch with a new drive-in haunted house in Tokyo, Japan!


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Drive-in haunted house in JapanPhoto from Kowagarasetai

The drive-in haunted house is the brainchild of Japanese company, Kowagarasetai. According to CNA, the idea came about when producer Kenta Iwana had to find a solution to the string of cancellations due to COVID-19.

What sets it apart from other haunted houses is that you get to sit in your car the entire time with your mask off, while screaming your lungs out with nowhere to escape to.

Scare actors in drive-in haunted housePhoto from Kowagarasetai

If you think it won't be as scary as the other haunted houses you had to walk through, think again because at least you could run away from the 'ghosts'. This new concept forces you to stay in one place while the scare actors surround you - definitely something all horror lovers should try!

Driving the car in a drive-in haunted housePhoto from Kowagarasetai

Admission costs 8000 JPY (~104 SGD) per car for a 20-minute session and there is even an option to include bloodstains on your car for an extra 1000 JPY (~13 SGD) to amplify the experience.

Scare actor in drive-in haunted housePhoto from Kowagarasetai

Those without a car can participate in this unique experience too by renting a car for 9000 JPY (~117 SGD) that sits up to four people.

Seems like lots of people are up for the challenge as tickets are already sold out in Japan! Let's hope that the company will consider making this permanent so tourists can try it out for themselves when it's safe to travel again.

Find more information here (website is in Japanese).

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