10 Korean Designer Bags That Will Complement Office Outfits & Are Perfect For Work

10 Korean Designer Bags That Will Complement Office Outfits & Are Perfect For Work

By Wei Yin on 19 Jun 2020
Digital Editor

With Singapore officially moving on to phase 2, more and more people are slowly going back to work while adjusting to the new normal.

If you are looking to refresh your bag collection in preparation for work, we have a few Korean designer handbag recommendations that will complement any office outfit.

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#1 Marhen.J

Marhen.J pink CINDY bag
Photo from @marhen.j via Instagram

Marhen.J taupe CINDY bag
Photo from Marhen.J

The CINDY bag ($153.40 - $204.60) is a bestseller with its pastel colours and size that allows buyers to carry all their essentials in it. Sling it over your shoulder for a casual look or remove the strap to match with your formal outfits. We love the thick strap that provides more support for your shoulder so it won't hurt even if your bag is a tad too heavy!

Shop the CINDY bag on Sift & Pick.

#2 Stylenanda 

Stylenanda woven bag
Photo from Stylenanda

The Woven Basket Handbag (44 USD, ~61 SGD) is great for those who work in a more relaxed office environment where jeans are allowed and dress down days are in place. The boxy shape of the bag as well as the material will both let you stand out from the crowd!

Shop the Woven Basket Handbag on Stylenanda.


MUTEMUSE beige bag
Photo from @mutemuse.official via Instagram

MUTEMUST black bag thin strap
Photo from MUTEMUSE

MUTEMUSE black bag thick strap
Photo from MUTEMUSE

The AMUSE bag (298 USD, ~415 SGD) comes in 12 different colours ranging from light to dark so you will surely find something you like! Its angular design allows high storage capacity and its unique swallow zipper lets you retrieve your card or phone easily when in a rush.

You can also purchase the thick strap to change up the style and vibe or just stick to the basic strap for everyday wear.

Shop the AMUSE bag on MUTEMUSE.

#4 Alice Martha

@alicemartha_official via Instagram
Photo from @alicemartha_official via Instagram

@alicemartha_official via Instagram
Photo from @alicemartha_official via Instagram

Bags with a rounded shape are cute and will look good with dresses and skirts. The Judith bag ($81.60) comes in wearable colours such as khaki, black, burgundy and beige. If you prefer bags that are suitable for work and can be carried to after work dinners and night outs, this is the one!

Shop the Judith bag on Sift & Pick.


KWANI black bucket bag
Photo from KWANI

KWANI black bucket bag carried on shoulder
Photo from KWANI

The Asymmetric Knot Bucket bag (131.09 USD, ~183 SGD) is lightweight but will allow you to fit everything you need for work in it. We love the design of the strap that helps to spruce up the bag. If you prefer bags with minimalist designs, this one will match your style.


Shop the Asymmetric Knot Bucket bag on KWANI.


ITSBAG flap bag in beige
Photo from ITSBAG

ITSBAG flap bag in violet
Photo from ITSBAG

The Dana Mini Flap Bag ($82.10) uses a soft material that is comfortable to the touch and is the perfect size for ladies who don't carry a lot of things in their work bags. There are 10 colours to choose from so you are spoilt for choice!

Shop the Dana Mini Flap Bag on Sift & Pick.


FIBRENO tote bag in purple
Photo from FIBRENO

FIBRENO tote bag in grey
Photo from FIBRENO

This Original Mini Bag ($262.30) is great for the ladies who love tote bags but are afraid that it will look too sloppy for work. Made of high quality synthetic leather instead of the usual canvas material for most tote bags, this is the bag to carry if you bring a lot of files or papers with you to work.

Shop the Original Mini Bag on Sift & Pick.

#8 Find Kapoor 

Find Kapoor Pingo bag
Photo from Find Kapoor

How about a bag that can be carried in three different ways? Talk about making your money's worth! The PINGO bag (148 - 188 USD, ~206 - 262 SGD) ensures that you will never get bored of it with three different ways to carry it so you get to change up the look according to your mood or if you need more space.

Shop the PINGO bag on Find Kapoor.

#9 Jamie Wander 

Jamie Wander croc effect blue bag
Photo from Jamie Wander

Jamie Wander croc effect bag product shot
Photo from Jamie Wander

Add a luxurious touch to your outfits with this LINZ bag (533 USD, ~742 SGD) that uses croc embossed leather. Its exterior and interior come together for a "hard and soft" look. It has a surprising amount of storage space as well, making it a practical bag to have. The interchangeable straps allow it to be worn as a shoulder or crossbody bag.

Shop the LINZ bag on Jamie Wander.


HYETHE Eggshell Shoulder Bag
Photo from HYETHE


This Eggshell Mirror Shoulder Bag ($636.16) comes with a small mirror and card slot on the cover. It also comes with a handle or shoulder strap for two different ways to carry the bag. We love the pointed edges of the bag that give it an edgy look while still retaining its elegance.

Shop the Eggshell Mirror Shoulder Bag on W Concept.

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