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TVXQ's Changmin Announces Upcoming Marriage In September To Non-Celebrity Girlfriend

TVXQ's Changmin Announces Upcoming Marriage In September To Non-Celebrity Girlfriend

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By Wei Yin on 12 Jun 2020
Digital Editor

The next to take fans by surprise is Changmin of popular K-pop duo TVXQ, as he announced this afternoon that he is getting married.

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TVXQ Changmin selfiePhoto from @changmin88 via Instagram

The 32-year-old singer revealed the news to his fans in a handwritten letter and started off by saying he feels "apologetic thinking that the sudden news will shock some fans". However, he thinks it's his duty to share the news of such a "major event in life" himself rather than through others.

TVXQ Changmin's handwritten letterPhoto from Naver

It was confirmed late last year that he was in a relationship with a non-celebrity whom he met through a mutual acquaintance.

He continued that "with trust and faith in one another", he naturally decided he wanted to continue his life with his girlfriend, therefore making the decision of getting married in September.

He added that fellow TVXQ member Yunho has given him his blessings and he "will work hard to be the head of a household and also as TVXQ's Changmin".

TVXQ Changmin's Instagram photoPhoto from @changmin88 via Instagram

His management company, SM Entertainment, confirmed the news shortly after. As his fiancée is a non-celebrity, details of the wedding including the exact location and time will all be kept private.

Having debuted almost a whopping 17 years ago, the TVXQ members have amassed a large fanbase not only in Korea but also internationally. Changmin ended off his letter by asking everyone to take good care of their health and sincerely thanked everyone for reading his long letter.

We wish Changmin and his fiancée a happy marriage! ????

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