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Satisfy Your Cravings For Boba & Booze At Once With Alcoholic Bubble Tea, Islandwide Delivery Available

Satisfy Your Cravings For Boba & Booze At Once With Alcoholic Bubble Tea, Islandwide Delivery Available

By Wei Yin on 12 Jun 2020
Digital Editor

Following SMÖÖbar's alcoholic bubble tea, we found another option for booze and boba lovers, this time without the requirement of a minimum order.


Satisfy your cravings for both alcohol and bubble tea with The3Peas' alcoholic bubble tea menu!

Read on to find out more!

The3Peas peach alcoholic bubble teaPhoto from The3Peas

The3Peas' co-founder Pan has won multiple cocktail competitions and has been curating cocktails and mocktails for reputable brands such as Hugo Boss, Chanel Beauty and more, so you know their bubble teas are going to taste amazing.

The brand recently collaborated with local influencer Nicole Changmin to curate the above Peach Please drink for the month of June. It contains flavours of jasmine green tea with hints of white peach and topped with pomegranate pink milk foam. This insta-worthy pink drink is available at a price of $15 for alcoholic (passionfruit rum) or $5 for non-alcoholic.

The3Peas bubble tea menuPhoto from The3Peas

Although The3Peas specialises in alcoholic bubble tea, they also sell non-alcoholic ones for those who just want to enjoy their weekly dose of boba.

Non-alcoholic bubble teas are priced at $3-$5 and come with toppings. Alcoholic bubble teas are priced at $15 while a bespoke version will cost you $20.

The3Peas bubble tea with orange bobaPhoto from The3Peas

The3Peas uses their own unique recipe for the bubble tea milk foam to ensure a smooth and creamy texture. Each black pearl is freshly cooked and coated with a special mix for the right chewiness.

The3Peas bubble milk teaPhoto from The3Peas

To order, simply WhatsApp or send a message to 92442182. Islandwide delivery is available at $10 per location with no minimum order required. You are entitled to free delivery with a minimum purchase of $100 so it's perhaps time to jio your neighbours to a happy hour session (in your own respective homes, of course) with some alcoholic bubble tea!

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