Hot Topic Has New Winnie The Pooh Makeup And A Brush Set With Honey Pot Holder

Hot Topic Has New Winnie The Pooh Makeup And A Brush Set With Honey Pot Holder

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By Rachel on 12 Jun 2020
Senior Digital Editor

Like the princesses and Mickey Mouse, Disney's Winnie The Pooh will always remain close to our hearts, even as adults.

Fans of Pooh Bear can now get themed eyeshadow palettes and makeup brush sets from Hot Topic, all officially licensed by Disney and 100% authentic.

Read on to find out more about Hot Topic’s Winnie The Pooh makeup and brushes!

Winnie The Pooh makeup eyeshadow SingaporePhoto from Hot Topic

The design of Hot Topic’s Winnie The Pooh Eyeshadow & Highlighter Palette (USD16.90, ~S$23.43) is fairly simple, with a sketch-like image of our favourite yellow bear. Small gold metallic details on the Pooh logo and honey bees stand out against the brown card covering.

Winnie The Pooh makeup eyeshadow SingaporePhoto from Hot Topic

Flip it open and you’ll find a honeycomb-shaped mirror, along with 6 warm shades of eyeshadow and 1 highlighter. These colours fit right in line with the milk tea makeup trend, and we see these working well for everyday use.

Here’s a close-up of all the shades - spot the honey bee design on the highlighter in the middle:

Winnie the pooh makeup eyeshadow SingaporePhoto from Hot Topic

You’ll need some brushes to go with this, so grab the matching Makeup Brush Set & Holder (USD34.90, ~S$48.39). The 5 makeup brushes with bee motifs come in a bundle with a Pooh Bear brush holder, with the character hugging a honey pot - or “hunny” pot, as he likes to call it.

Winnie The Pooh makeup brushes SingaporePhoto from Hot Topic


The brushes fit perfectly into the pot, and this is sure to be a cheery addition to your vanity table. Speaking of which, check out our article on pretty vanity tables perfect for small bedrooms.

Winnie The Pooh jewellery SingaporePhoto from Hot Topic

Makeup aside, Hot Topic also has Winnie The Pooh accessories like rings (USD7.92, ~S$10.98) and earstuds (USD9.52, ~S$13.20). Treat yourself to a cute sleep mask (USD8.72, ~S$12.09) or get a pair of unique cufflinks (USD70.90, ~S$98.30) to add some fun to your formal wear.

Winnie The Pooh cufflinks sleep mask SingaporePhoto from Hot Topic

Hot Topic typically does ship to Singapore from USA, but at time of writing, international shipping is limited to a couple of countries due to COVID-19. Perhaps we’ll be able to get our paws on these in a few months when things here clear up properly and restrictions are lifted.

Alternatively, see if a friend in Japan, Hong Kong, or Australia can order your items for you and have them sent over.

Check out Hot Topic's full Winnie The Pooh collection here.

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