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All Couples Need These Pillows To Make Cuddling Even More Comfortable

All Couples Need These Pillows To Make Cuddling Even More Comfortable

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By Wei Yin on 05 Jun 2020
Digital Editor

Cuddling with your partner is all fun and games the first few minutes until one of you start feeling your arm cramp up. ?


This is definitely a problem all couples have to deal with but what if there are pillows on the market that will actually help to resolve this problem?

Read on to find out more!

Arm pillow for couplesPhoto from Shopee

Regardless of whether you are a guy or girl reading this, you would have experienced arm cramps before when your significant other lays on your arm for a long period of time.

Seems like this is something a lot of people can relate to so there are pillows that are specially designed just for cuddling!

Using the couple arm pillowPhoto from Shopee

This L-shaped pillow ($46.80) is made of memory foam for a soft yet sturdy support. There is also hole where the arm can be inserted so that it feels like and looks like your partner is resting on your arm. Cool!


Curved memory foam pillowPhoto from Shopee

This curved pillow ($15.70 - $18.96) is also designed with making cuddling more comfortable in mind. The curved part lets your partner insert his or her arm underneath and works like the previous one.

Using curved pillow on the thighPhoto from Shopee

Something cool about this pillow's design is that it can also be used on the thigh, perfect for the guys or girls who love laying on their partner's lap!

Girl using curved pillow by herselfPhoto from Shopee

If you are single or just prefer sleeping on your own arm, this pillow will be able to take some of the pressure away so that you don't wake up to a cramping arm.

With these pillows, cuddling with your loved one won't be so torturing anymore!

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