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YSL Milk Tea Lip Collection  2020 Choose Your Taste & Pick Your Shade!

YSL Milk Tea Lip Collection 2020 Choose Your Taste & Pick Your Shade!

By Viroon on 14 May 2020
Senior Creative Editor

Milk Tea shades lipstick! What's there not to love?!


Enter the YSL Milk Tea Shop and get ready to have your taste buds tickled with this new and exclusive limited-edition shades nude lipstick collection inspired by your favourite milk tea flavours.

YSL-Milk-Tea-Lip-CollectionPhoto from YSL Beauty

Inspired by the latest “milk tea shades” trend, YSL presents a collection of yummy colours for totally lickable lips. The collection consists of twelve new shades from your favourite YSL lipstick icons including:

?Rouge Volupté Shine (3 colours)
A medium-coverage oil-in-stick lipstick that provides luscious color and luminous shine while conditioning lips.

?Rouge Pur Couture (3 colours)
For rich and luxurious color in satin and matte finishes.

?Vinyl Cream (4 colours)
A high-coverage liquid lip color with ultimate shine, comfort, and all-day wear.

?Tatouage Couture (2 colours)
For ultra-matte, high impact color with a lightweight, naked-lip feel.


Scroll on to see the different shades!

YSL-Milk-Tea-Lip-Collection-shadesPhoto from YSL Beauty

Choose your favourite liquid, satin, matte or shine lipstick finish and select a hot new shade from three milk tea flavours!

Candy Nudes

YSL-Milk-Tea-Lip-Collection-candy-nudePhoto from YSL Beauty

Candy Nudes lend lips a refreshing rosy twist.

YSL-Milk-Tea-Lip-CollectionPhoto from YSL Beauty

?Rouge Volupté Shine No.147 Rose Caraco (Limited Colour) - Sweet & Bitter Milky
?Rouge Pur Couture No.139 Beige Crémeux (New Colour) - Cinnamon Brown
?Vinyl Cream No.432 Nude Amplifier (Limited Colour) - Creamy-Beige


Latte Nudes

YSL-Milk-Tea-Lip-Collection-latte-nudePhoto from YSL Beauty

Latte Nudes make lips voluptuous and creamy

YSL-Milk-Tea-Lip-CollectionPhoto from YSL Beauty

?Rouge Volupté Shine No.149 Nu Voluptueux (Limited Colour) - Trendy Brown & Beige
?Rouge Pur Couture No.140 Nu Latte (Limited Colour) - Scented Creamy Latte
?Vinyl Cream No.433 Beige Remastered (Limited Colour) - Milk Tea Coral
?Tatouage Couture No.39 Outlandish Nude (New Colour) - Cocoa Beige

Spicy Nudes


YSL-Milk-Tea-Lip-Collection-spicy-nudePhoto from YSL Beauty

Spicy Nudes gives your lips the perfect pumpkin undertones.

YSL-Milk-Tea-Lip-CollectionPhoto from YSL Beauty

?Rouge Volupté Shine No.148 Beige Oversize (Limited Colour) - Deep Spicy Chai
?Rouge Pur Couture No.141 Pumpkin Explosif (New Colour) - Spicy Cinnamon
?Vinyl Cream No.434 Orange Performance (New Colour) - Cinnamon Orange
?Vinyl Cream No.435 Pumpkin Remix (Limited Colour) - Pumpkin Nude
?Tatouage Couture No.38 Chili Spirit (New Colour) - Orange Chai

 YSL Milk Tea Shop

However, this collection is not available in Singapore yet. Let's hope they will announce soon! Meanwhile, if you have friends in Japan, Taiwan, Australia or US, you can get them to ship the products over for you or submit a request on Airfrov.

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