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Kawaii Pennywise Anime Girl Figure Is Both Terrifying & Cute At The Same Time

Kawaii Pennywise Anime Girl Figure Is Both Terrifying & Cute At The Same Time

By Karmen on 14 May 2020
Digital Editor

If you love horror movies and cute anime figures, these two worlds have collided to create a puzzling collectible figure that might tickle your fancy.


The Pennywise Bishoujo Statue has just opened for pre-orders on Kotobukiya's online website!

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This scary yet cute clown figure is the latest addition to Kotobukiya's Horror Bishoujo line.

Pennywise Bishoujo Statue full viewPhoto from Kotobukiya

The 1/7 scale statue stands about 10 inches or 25.5 centimetres tall.

With a design by Yamashita Shunya and realistic sculpting by Yoshiki Fujimoto, Pennywise's appearance has been kawaii-fied while retaining its original design from the famous horror movie IT!

pennywise holding a balloonPhoto from Pinterest


Pennywise Bishoujo Statue in the darkPhoto from Kotobukiya

Pennywise Bishoujo Statue close up of facePhoto from Kotobukiya

Pennywise offers the iconic red balloon with a terrifying grin on her face, as if saying "Do you want a balloon too, Georgie?" She stands on a pool of blood with a floating paper boat, the SS Georgie, which you will be familiar with if you watched the 2017 film.

Pennywise Bishoujo Statue blood and paper boat ss GeorgiePhoto from Kotobukiya

Despite its sinister design, Pennywise has a somewhat adorable look with her puffy bubble shorts, two ponytails, large bust, heels and a large frilly bow. The combination of cute and horror is quite puzzling!

side view of Pennywise Bishoujo StatuePhoto from Kotobukiya

back view of Pennywise Bishoujo StatuePhoto from Kotobukiya

It's priced at 13,200 yen (~S$175.59) and just opened for pre-orders at Kotobukiya's online store which unfortunately only ships within Japan. Let's hope it will make its way to our shores soon!

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