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Give Your Keyboard A Makeover With These Cute Keycaps

Give Your Keyboard A Makeover With These Cute Keycaps

By Karmen on 05 May 2020
Digital Editor

For office workers, you're probably spending most of your day in front of a keyboard, so why not decorate it and bring some fun to your work routine? ?‍♀️


Whether you're working from the office after circuit breaker or working from home now, we've found some adorable keycaps that will make you look forward to get on your keyboard and start work every day.

Keep reading to check them out!

#1 Hello Kitty keycaps

Hello Kitty transparent keycaps with pink lightPhoto from

Hello Kitty opaque keycaps in different colours on a pink keyboardPhoto from

This transparent Hello Kitty keycap lights up when your computer is on! It also comes in an opaque version in various colours. This is one of the more pricey options, but we'll bet some of you will be willing to shell out for this cute kitty. ?

Get it here for $52.


#2 Rabbit keycaps

Rabbit keycaps on pink basePhoto from

These rabbit keycaps are almost distractingly cute! As it's 3D and sits on top of the key, this will work best on less used keys. It comes in a few adorable designs including rabbits eating a carrot, wearing a chef's hat and with flowers around their ears. ?

Get it here for $5.32 - $9.64.

#3 Cat paw keycaps

Cat paw keycaps on pink keyboardPhoto from Deserved 3C Store

Who loves cats too?? This soft silicone keycaps will make you feel like you're tapping the cute paws of a cat while you're typing! Take your pick from four colour options.

Get it here for $10.90 - 11.67.


#4 Sailor Moon keycaps

Sailor Moon keycaps with luna bow and wand on keyboardPhoto from Mimiatures via Etsy

Fighting evil by moonlight on your computer? If so, you'll need these kawaii keycaps! ? These handmade keycaps also come with a charm so you can use it as a keychain as well.

Get it here from $36.94.

#5 Artisan keycaps

Dwarf Factory artisan keycaps the foodie cheese nyc hotdog sandwichPhoto from Dwarf Factor

Dwarf Factory artisan keycaps terrariumPhoto from Dwarf Factor

Dwarf Factory makes amazing artisan keycaps that will transform your keyboard! Some highlights from their design series include Terrarium and The Foodie.

Get it here from $37.

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