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Magnetic Lashes @ NICOLA COSMETICS: Could This Be Salvation For Our Lashes? Let's Find Out!

Magnetic Lashes @ NICOLA COSMETICS: Could This Be Salvation For Our Lashes? Let's Find Out!

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By elaine.kiew on 03 Jul 2018

Ladies around the world went crazy when One Two Cosmetics introduced the world's first ever magnetic lashes. Everyone was sick of glueing fake lashes and they needed an alternative. Magnetic lashes was it.... except that it was hard to put on and that it costs US$70.


But Nicola Cosmetics proved to be different. Let's see how it's worn!

In this video, beauty guru @hilalagram can be seen putting on Spicy Scarlett by Nicola Cosmetics almost effortlessly~



Here's a closer look at the full set of lashes.

Notice how the lashes have been cut into different sections?

The main problem for other magnetic lashes (One Two, Ardell etc..)was that it is hard to put on, we have no control over the direction that the lashes go and when we look down, it gives off a very unnatural look.

Something like this:


But Nicola Cosmetics obviously spent time doing their research and realise that what we need is flexibility, the choice to layer on and thicken our lashes at the parts that we want it to!



See how it's been cut and ready packed for us? :)

Even if we're just talking about the normal falsies that we've been glueing to our lids, we usually have to trim before rocking them too. So we think it's a really smart move for Nicola Cosmetics. Thanks for considering our pain points!


Nicola's magnetic lashes are designed using the latest micro-magnetic technology with synthetic fibre, creating the long, thick and beautiful lashes that we can easily put on in seconds. Best part? They are reusable and can fit any eye shape.

We love everything handcrafted! If you appreciate it too then you'd be happy to know Nicola Cosmetics also craft each pair of lashes by hand :)

Regardless of whether you're looking for an everyday pair or one to accompany you to parties, these magnetic lashes could be all you need!


They currently have two line of lashes: Beauty Blossom (Natural Look) and Spicy Scarlett (Dramatic Lashes).

Get your hands on them here!

Text by: Girlsdaily SG