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4-Doors Personality Test |Choose A Door To Reveal Your Innermost Feelings!

4-Doors Personality Test |Choose A Door To Reveal Your Innermost Feelings!

By Viroon on 10 Apr 2020
Senior Creative Editor

Are you ready to find out your innermost feelings? Here's how it works.
First, take out a piece of paper. Imagine that you enter a room and see 4 doors around you: white, black, blue and pink.


1) In what order will you open the doors?
2) What will you see behind them?

Write your answer down on a paper or in your phone / computer before you see the interpretation to get a more accurate result. Don’t cheat!?

If you are ready, scroll down to see the results!?

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♡ White: Personal life 

White DoorPhoto from Pinterest

If you open the WHITE door in the following sequence:

1) First Door, you are a person who has self-confidence and cares enough for him/herself.

2) Second Door, maybe you put your personal life on the back burner, but you have self-esteem and love yourself.

3) Third Door, you seem to have given up your life. Usually, people who have a white door in third place have low self-esteem and are inclined to pessimism.

4) Fourth Door, you have entirely given up your personal life. Often this answer is given by women who have completely lost themselves in the responsibilities of home, husband, children and grandchildren. In any case, it shows a very vulnerable situation.

? Pink: Love ?


Pink DoorPhoto from Pinterest

If you open PINK door in the following sequence:

1) First Door, you are in love or in an active search of a relationship.

2) Second Door, you are in emotional balance, either because you have a smooth relationship, either because you are a balanced person.

3) Third Door, you are either in a stagnant relationship or have denied the right to love and be loved.

4) Fourth Door, you seem to have completely escaped from the emotional world, either because you live in a completely stagnant relationship, or because you have neglected this part of your life.

? Blue: Occupation ?

Blue DoorPhoto from Pinterest


If you open the BLUE door in the following sequence:

1) First Door, you put a high priority on your career, which means that you either sideline other spheres of life for the sake of your career, either you chase money too much.

2) Second Door, you spend enough time at work to the detriment of other important areas of life. Sometimes this position indicates a person who has put into work to fill in the gaps of his/her life.

3) Third Door, you feel comfortable and seem to be satisfied with your job.

4) Fourth Door, you don’t like your job and work only to make a living.

? Black: Death ?

Black DoorPhoto from Pinterest

If you open the BLACK door in the following sequence:


1) First Door, you are depressed or in full introspection. Generally, the choice of the black door shows a bad psychological condition and sometimes avoidance tendencies and even a full denial.

2) Second Door, you have avoidance trends, perhaps not as pronounced as if it was your first choice, but still, these trends are strong enough. Many teens have this door in the second place because often adolescence is associated with tendencies of avoidance.

3) Third Door, you suffer in one of the areas of life. To find out which, just look at the fourth door you’ve chosen. The problem is overstated in the field shown by the last door and you feel that something is missing from your life and do not feel ‘complete’.

4) Fourth Door, you are psychologically healthy and have a desire to live.

What did you see behind the doors?

1) The order of opening the doors is what matters most of all.
2) Whatever you imagined behind the doors is a simple notation that shows your emotional attitude to each area.

Try it and let us know if it was accurate for you!

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