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5 Must-Have Items For Your BTO/HDB To Lead A Comfortable & Upgraded Life

5 Must-Have Items For Your BTO/HDB To Lead A Comfortable & Upgraded Life

By Wei Yin on 25 Mar 2020
Digital Editor

Other than thinking about interior design, decorations and furniture for your new BTO or HDB flat, appliances also make up a big part of the house so it's vital that prospective or current homeowners start thinking about what is needed.


While there are the obvious options like a refrigerator, oven and more that most homes require, there are appliances that you think you won't need but will in fact, unexpectedly add upgrades to your life. Consider your habits and see which ones will fit into your lifestyle so that you can lead a comfortable life in your own home.

Read on to find out what the must-have items are!

#1 Automated laundry system

Steigen's automated laundry systemPhoto from Steigen via Facebook

Living in your own home is all fun and games until you think about all the household chores you have to do. One chore that you won't be able to run away from is dealing with all the laundry to be washed and hung. It's a chore that can get monotonous, so resolve all your laundry woes with the Steigen, a super cool automated laundry system!

The Steigen is built to last for at least a decade and doesn't require any form of upkeep or change (e.g. replacement filters), which makes it truly fuss-free. It's also wind-resistant with a solar heat technology to dry your clothes so that the sun's movement and rainy days are no longer a concern.

Did you know that the sun is capable of producing an ultraviolet activity known to contain harmful effects that penetrates deep into the fabrics? With Steigen's technology, you will get vibrant, soft and fluffy clothes instead.


#2 Water purifier 

Ruhens water purifierPhoto from Ruhens

Imagine not having to boil water every time you want to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and no longer drinking water that tastes bad. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, it's an attainable dream with the Ruhens WHP 3000 water purifier, a tankless multi-temperature water purifier which is convenient and easy to use.

It can dispense up to five temperatures of water so you won't have to boil or cool water and will be able to enjoy safe, quality water all the time. Its quantity control function dispenses a fixed amount of water automatically (120ml, 550ml, 1500ml) and the adjustable and removable faucet allows easy cleaning.

Turn on the Eco Mode to reduce power consumption by 70% while the automated sterilisation function lets the water dispenser clean itself with a UV lamp. The filter change indicator notifies you whenever a change is needed so you rest assured that you are always drinking clean water.

#3 Compact dishwasher 

BOSCH compact dishwasherPhoto from Bosch

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being lazy but do yourself a favour and still get your dishes done to avoid attracting pests in your home! If standing at your kitchen sink to wash the dishes one by one is too much of a chore for you, opt for a compact dishwasher instead.


The Bosch compact dishwasher uses a glass protection technology for extra gentle handling of your delicate glasses and has a time delay function where you can pre-select the programme for the desired start time which allows you to handle your appliance conveniently, at any time during the day. The AquaSensor can detect stains for brilliantly clean dishes and the innovative ActiveWater technology maximises efficiency to produce outstanding results whilst using less water and energy.

If all these are not reasons good enough to convince you, think about how you just have to load your dishes into the dishwasher then sit back and relax while it does the job for you!

#4 Digital door lock

Samsung digital door lockPhoto from Pinterest

Don't you just hate it when you have to rummage through your bag to find your keys or worse still, forget to bring your keys and get locked out of the house? The struggle is real but with a smart digital door lock, all your worries will become nonexistent!

The Samsung SHP-DP609 WiFI IoT Smart Digital Door Lock lets you unlock your door using five different methods - mobile app, fingerprint, RFID card, number pad and mechanical key. If you are someone who always forgets to lock the door, a digital door lock gives you a peace of mind as all you have to do is close the door and it automatically locks itself.

It's also extremely smart! Unlock your door from anywhere by just using your phone, be alerted on door lock status with its wifi connectivity function, view access locks, set up a one-time password for visitors and many more.

#5 All-in-one hair styler 

Dyson AirwrapPhoto from Dyson

We have one for the ladies! The Dyson Airwrap™ is so highly raved and popular not without reason. If you are a novice when it comes to styling your hair such as curling and straightening, this is the one to get as it uses airflow technology, also known as the 'Coanda effect', where the pressurised air vacuum will use either heated or cooled air to curl your hair.

It comes with barrels to curl or wave hair, and brushes to smooth or volumise. You can also use it when your hair is damp so that means you won't have to take extra time out to blow dry your hair before styling it. It's super easy to use once you get the hang of it and is especially great for busy working ladies as it helps to save time.

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