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Bay Window Ideas For Your Bedroom To Save Space & Create A Cosy Corner

Bay Window Ideas For Your Bedroom To Save Space & Create A Cosy Corner

By Wei Yin on 12 Mar 2020
Digital Editor

We previously gave you some ideas on how to maximise space in your small HDB or BTO bedroom and one of the tips is including a seating area near your window, aka a bay window.


If you are someone who wants a relaxing seating area in your room but think that there won't be enough space, think again! Rather than a few random seats placed around your room, opt for a bay window seat instead.

Installed near your bedroom window, it usually comes with cabinets beneath the seats for you to keep things in, creating more free and uncluttered space in your room.

For those who are considering to incorporate a bay window in your bedroom, here are some ideas to help you save space and create a cosy corner at the same time.

Check them out below!


Bay window with curtainsPhoto from Pinterest

A simple bay window design with just a horizontal seating area and a few pillows is good enough to make it a comfortable relaxing space. If you need more storage space, include cabinets beneath the seat. You could also hang a sheer curtain like the one in the image above to let natural light shine through softly.



Bay window with bookshelves Photo from Pinterest

Want to use the bay window as a reading area? Simply make bookshelves on both sides to place your books and decorations. All you have to do is take a seat, reach for your favourite book an arm's length away and spend a lazy afternoon.


Minimalist bay window designPhoto from Pinterest

If you want a bay window just to simply make your room look better, you don't really have to include cushion seats. Just keep a few pillows there and a blanket to make it your own cosy, little space.


Bay window and study table togetherPhoto from StudioLESH


To save even more space, connect your bay window area with your study table. You will be able to keep all your office essentials in the cabinets beneath the bay window seat and when you are tired from working, you could just walk a few steps and relax on the bay window seat.


Bay window area connected with vanity tablePhoto from @唯荒 via 小红书

You could also connect the bay window with your vanity table too! Take inspiration from the image above as it saves a lot of space while giving you plenty of storage space to keep your room neat. As having a vanity table is vital for every girl, this idea will let you have both a bay window area and vanity table in one.


Bay window as tea areaPhoto from @西西酱(seogcheon)via 小红书

How about enjoying afternoon tea in the comfort of your own room? Transform your bay window area into a tranquil tea drinking space. Purchase a small laptop or breakfast table and place it there to put your snacks and drinks.


Bay window area used to put on makeupPhoto from @SaintLuvvv via 小红书

If you really want a bay window but that will mean no extra space for a vanity table, you could also transform your bay window area into your very own mini makeup space. Get a small vanity table like the one seen above so you can do your makeup there. It's also a really good idea as you will be able to do your makeup under natural light shining in from the window!

Which of these ideas is your favourite?

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