Visit This Instagrammable Cafe & Bar When You Are In Taipei, Taiwan

Visit This Instagrammable Cafe & Bar When You Are In Taipei, Taiwan

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By Wei Yin on 24 Feb 2020
Digital Editor

A cafe in the day and a bar at night, Drunk Cafe (烂醉咖啡) is a must-visit if you will be heading to Taipei, Taiwan soon.

This insta-worthy cafe and bar with a relaxing ambience, gorgeous designs indoor and outdoors is a great place to recharge or unwind at after a long day of travelling.

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Drunk Cafe logo
Photo from @小Sherry via 小红书

Located just a 10 minutes walk from the National Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, Drunk Cafe looks futuristic yet homey and gives off modern but vintage vibes all at the same time! As the seating areas are split into three parts - bar, indoor cafe and outdoor patio, you will be able to experience a different ambience at each area.

Bar area in Drunk Cafe
Photo from A Style Alike

Fluorescent lights in Drunk Cafe
Photo from @小Sherry via 小红书

The bar area is decorated with beautiful fairy and florescent lights with comfortable couches to relax on. They also serve an extensive range of alcoholic beverages in the evening.

Indoor seating area
Photo from @joanne via 小红书

@joanne via 小红书
Photo from @joanne via 小红书

Koala seating area
Photo from @Audrey奧黛莉 via 小红书

The indoor seating area has rattan chairs, couches, fur pillows and rugs that will bring you back in time to the '80s.


Girl sitting in the desert area in Drunk Cafe
Photo from @Jennifer Wei via 小红书

Desert area in the cafe
Photo from @joanne via 小红书

This sandpit or 'desert' is probably the most instagrammable part of the cafe and bar. Filled with sand and decorations to replicate a campfire in the wild, you will want to snap as many pictures as you can when you are there! The decorations do change periodically so get ready to be surprised!

Tent area in Drunk Cafe
Photo from @joanne via 小红书

Tent architecture in Drunk Cafe
Photo from @娜麻Ariel C. via 小红书

Outdoor seating area
Photo from @wonderlala via 小红书

Tables and chairs outdoors
Photo from @wonderlala via 小红书

Other than the beautiful indoor interior designs and decorations, the outdoor patio area is equally stunning especially in the night. When the fairy lights are turned on and the breeze becomes cooler, perhaps sitting outdoors will be a great choice for those who want some peace while chatting the night away with friends.

Do take note that there is a minimum spending per pax and the wait can be long due to its popularity so if you have the time and really want to get shots for your Instagram page, be prepared to spend hours there!

📍No. 9號, Lane 116, Guangfu South Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106
⏰ Sunday - Thursday: 10AM - 11:50PM, Friday & Saturday: 10AM - 2AM

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Text by: GirlStyle SG

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