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Office Desk Essentials Everyone Must Have To Make Work More Enjoyable

Office Desk Essentials Everyone Must Have To Make Work More Enjoyable

By Wei Yin on 17 Feb 2020
Digital Editor

If you look forward to going to work everyday, good for you. For the rest of us who are perpetually tired and dread going to work, here are some essentials to add to your office desk and make work more enjoyable.


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#1 Monitor stand

Monitor standPhoto from Pinterest

A monitor stand will help to improve your posture as it keeps the screen at your eye level. For those experiencing neck and shoulder aches, perhaps adding a monitor stand to your office desk will help. It also allows you to keep your table neat as it has layers for you to store your things.

#2 Mini table vacuum 

Mini table vacuumPhoto from Pinterest

On days you crave solitude and wish to have lunch alone at your office desk, getting a handy mini table vacuum will allow you to eat without any worries. Just vacuum up all the crumbs that fell onto the table when you are done.


#3 Mini humidifier 

Mini humidifierPhoto from Pinterest

Spending hours in the office with the air-conditioners blasting air at freezing temperatures can result in a dry nose and throat which causes discomfort. Moisten the surrounding air with a mini humidifier placed on your table.

#4 Cable organiser 

Cable organiserPhoto from Pinterest

A messy table can make you feel worse when you are already having a bad day at work. Keep the table you spend hours at neat so that it puts you in a better mood too. Organise cables using a cable organiser and make it seem like you have got your life together.

#5 Mini clip-on fan

Mini fanPhoto from Pinterest

When it gets a little too stuffy in the office, a mini fan will come in handy and keep you cool.

#6 Print out quotes

QuotePhoto from Pinterest

Print out some encouraging quotes and attach them to your desk! It's going to cheer you up when the going gets tough and you will be motivated to continue working hard.

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