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5 Ways To Decorate Your Small BTO Bathroom & Make It Look Atas

5 Ways To Decorate Your Small BTO Bathroom & Make It Look Atas

By Wei Yin on 12 Feb 2020
Digital Editor

Moving into your new BTO (build to order) home is super exciting, especially after all those years of waiting!


But before that, renovation needs to take place so that you can achieve your dream home. Many people tend to focus more of their time and effort on the interior design and decorations of their living room, bedrooms and kitchen, instead of the bathrooms.

It's easy to neglect the bathrooms as you will probably spend the least time in that teeny tiny space. However, it's also important that you consider turning it into a comfortable and aesthetically-pleasing place for you to do all your business in.

So, check out these five ways to decorate your small BTO bathroom and make it look atas, which will in turn lift your mood when you enter it in the morning and at night after a long day at work.

Read on to find out more!

#1 Separate dry and wet areas

Bathroom with glass partitionPhoto from @壹间 via 小红书

Black and white bathroomPhoto from @Maggie的三口之家 via 小红书


Instead of using an ugly shower curtain to separate the dry and wet areas of your bathroom, opt for a clear glass partition instead. Shower curtains are not only hideous, they are also unable to effectively prevent water from seeping out to the dry area whenever you take a shower.

A transparent glass partition creates the illusion of a bigger bathroom as it's completely see-through. It also prevents water from splashing out to the dry area and causing mould to grow. Plus, a glass partition will make your bathroom look like it belongs in a hotel suite!

#2 Install lights behind mirror

Mirror with lightsPhoto from @星尔Maggie via 小红书

Marble bathroom with lights for mirrorPhoto from Pinterest

Installing lights behind a mirror adds a cool effect to your bathroom and instantly makes it look expensive.

We recommend choosing warm lighting for a relaxing vibe!



#3 Include gold accents

Gold accessories in bathroomPhoto from @王阿姨的家 via 小红书

Gold accents in bathroomPhoto from Pinterest

When choosing door knobs or taps, go for those in gold as they will definitely instantly amp up the luxurious factor of your bathroom!

Those usual silver stainless steel accessories can look mundane and boring so opt for gold if you are up for a change.

#4 Use a ladder as a hanging rack

Wooden ladder side viewPhoto from Pinterest

Wooden ladder front viewPhoto from Pinterest


Make your bathroom look like it belongs in a Bali resort by using a wooden ladder as a hanging rack for your towels and clothes. Rather than the usual railings mounted on the walls, a ladder can be easily moved around and placed anywhere you want.

#5 Use trays

Wooden tratPhoto from Pinterest

Brass trayPhoto from Pinterest

If you think these trays will look good on your vanity table, chances are they will look great on your bathroom table too!

Place your essentials in the tray for a neater yet Pinterest-worthy look.

Which of these tips will you be incorporating into your BTO bathroom?

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