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5 Tips To Photograph Awkward People & Make Them Look Good

5 Tips To Photograph Awkward People & Make Them Look Good

By Karmen on 10 Feb 2020
Digital Editor

If you're the Instagram photographer of a boyfriend/girlfriend/friend who tends to be awkward in front of a camera and is embarrassed to pose for photos, you'll understand the struggle of getting a good photo. ?

We have five easy tips for you to photograph said people to make them feel more comfortable and look good in photos!

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#1 Make them laugh

PinterestPhoto from Pinterest

PinterestPhoto from Pinterest

The easiest way to make a tense person loosen up on camera is to make them laugh! ? A naturally happy expression is also the most flattering look on anyone. We're not talking about the actual laughing face as that can go into the unglamorous territory.

What you're aiming to capture is the moment right after the laugh ends, that's when our faces are relaxed and there's a special spark to our look. Keep snapping while your friend is laughing and you'll get the shot!

#2 Give them compliments

PinterestPhoto from Pinterest

PinterestPhoto from Pinterest

Even if your friend isn't doing their best, try to encourage them by pointing out things that they are doing well or tell them that they are improving. If your friend's poses are really CMI, you can still find other positive things to affirm him or her like praising their outfit, makeup, the lighting, location etc. ?

Instead of saying things like "That looks weird, trying doing...", say something like "Ahh that's not bad! Can you try it while doing..." to  boost your friend's confidence. Making them feel less awkward will in turn make them look less awkward!

#3 Demonstrate a pose


easy and simple pose for camera-shy peoplePhoto from Pinterest

PinterestPhoto from Pinterest

Some of us are just not naturally gifted at the art of modelling and will struggle to translate spoken directions into physical poses. If you as the photographer have a vision of what the shot should look like, get down and dirty to demonstrate the poses yourself for your friend to copy! ?

#4 Give them a scenario

PinterestPhoto from Pinterest

Sometimes, your camera-shy friend needs to be immersed in a fictional scenario in order to get into the groove of posing. Come up with a story or situation for your friend to act out. You can direct your friend to pretend that he or she is a certain fictional character or describe a story behind the photo for your friend to act out his or her character.

#5 Make your friend move slightly

PinterestPhoto from Pinterest

Standing still while looking natural and model-esque can be a challenge especially for awkward people. Direct them to make slow and simple movements such as turning heads, taking small steps back and forth, running hands through hair etc.

Giving him or her something specific to do will also make them feel more comfortable. Also, the moments when your friend is moving instead of purposely posing will look more natural on camera.

All this said, it takes two to tango. Check out some easy and effortless poses for him and her that even the most awkward models can pull off! ?‍♀️

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Text by: GirlStyle SG

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