6 Trendy Bangs Styles To Try Out In 2020 For A New And Improved Look

6 Trendy Bangs Styles To Try Out In 2020 For A New And Improved Look

ByWei Yin on 04 Feb 2020 Digital Editor

A new and improved look in 2020 can be easily achieved!

If you are tired of your usual hairstyle but don't want to do something too drastic, try out one of these six trendy bangs styles.

Check them out below! 

#1 M-shaped bangs

M-shaped bangs
Photo from @居居不是猪猪 via 小红书

The M-shaped bangs style will instantly make you look younger while still letting you give off an elegant aura.

The sides of your bangs should be slightly longer than the middle portion to form the 'M'. Curl the ends of your fringe to let the hair flow down nicely.

If you are someone who is constantly conscious about how your hair looks, this bangs style that will look good even when messy is the one to try.

#2 Straight bangs

Straight bangs
Photo from @居居不是猪猪 via 小红书

Straight bangs is coming back in trend and we can see why! Great for those with a higher forehead, this fringe style will cover it up, making your face look more proportionate.

The trick to nailing this is to keep the bangs thin (slightly see-through) and not a thick, straight mess.

If you need more examples for inspiration, look up pictures of BLACKPINK's Lisa. She has straight bangs and can pull them off really well!

#3 Airy bangs

Airy bangs
Photo from @居居不是猪猪 via 小红书

The airy bangs style was first popularised by the Koreans and now, it's probably one of the most popular styles ladies go for.

If you want to try this, know that it will require high maintenance such as frequent trimming to keep it in shape and using a hair roller to achieve the poofy look.


All that aside though, it's a beautiful bangs style that will make all that effort worth it!

#4 Curly bangs

Curly bangs
Photo from @居居不是猪猪 via 小红书

Curly bangs is great for those who wish to stand out from the crowd or if you are going for a cute look.

Smaller curls will create a messy and 'I woke up like this' look. Bigger curls will still retain the youthful look without being too overwhelming.

#5 S-shaped side bangs

S-shaped side bangs
Photo from @居居不是猪猪 via 小红书

For ladies with longer hair, consider this S-shaped side bangs that will frame the face perfectly. It will hide chubby cheeks too!

Your fringe should end around your chin area and the curl should start from the roots of your hair for this style.

#6 Wispy side bangs

Wispy bangs
Photo from @居居不是猪猪 via 小红书

If you like tying up your hair, having wispy bangs will be a good choice.

Rather than having all your hair swept back resulting in a larger face, some wispy side bangs will frame your face and make it look less wide.

Which of these styles will you be trying out?

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