CNY Prep Essentials Checklist Fulfilled!

CNY Prep Essentials Checklist Fulfilled!

ByViroon on 18 Jan 2020 Senior Creative Editor

With CNY just around the corner, KINEX has got you covered with fuss-free beauty and shopping under-one-roof!

Follow us on our journey where we shop for CNY goodies & décor; indulge in pampering beauty sessions; and update our wardrobe with some statement pieces at KINEX.

Like what you see?😘💕

Visit the following shops located in KINEX:

👉🏻 Rains & Coco Beauty House #02-46
👉🏻 ACE Skin Management #02-14
👉🏻 Shop.Love.Play #01-55
👉🏻 Excluniqueeee #01-35
👉🏻 Tracce #01-57
👉🏻 Mr DIY #03-29
👉🏻 Chin Giap Soon #03-16
👉🏻 Eccellente by Hao Mart #B1-36
👉🏻 Tasty Farm by Song Fish #B1-15/16

This post is brought to you by KINEX.

Video & Text By: GirlStyle SG

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