Jacqueline Wong's Drama Ratings Suffer Drastic Drop After Her Scandal

Jacqueline Wong's Drama Ratings Suffer Drastic Drop After Her Scandal

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ByKarmenon16 Jan 2020Digital Editor

Handmaidens United, a drama series starring Hong Kong actress Jacqueline Wong (黄心颖), saw a loss of nearly 420,000 viewers!

This could be the result of the scandal regarding her relationship with singer Andy Hui (許志安) in April last year.

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In April last year, Andy Hui and Jacqueline Wong were caught cheating on their respective partners. A video had surfaced of the two holding hands and kissing in the backseat of a taxi. At the time, Jacqueline was dating actor Kenneth Ma while Andy Hui is married to popstar Sammi Cheng.

Andy Hui and Jacqueline Wong
Photo from Jacqueline Wong via Instagram

Since then, Jacqueline left for the United States to avoid public backlash and returned to Hong Kong on Dec 14. Recently, she had started to post on social networking sites and seemed to be preparing for a comeback. Her ex-boyfriend Kenneth Ma also shared that they were still friends.

Word on the streets say that ratings for Finding Her Voice (牛下女高音), the series Jacqueline starred in, performed fairly well even after the scandal broke out. Speculations say that it was because of the male lead's strong fanbase that there was no significant impact on ratings. Seeing that all went well, TVB proceeded with the release of Handmaidens United(丫鬟大联盟), another series that also stars Jacqueline Wong. Unfortunately, the ratings didn't do well in this case!

丫鬟大联盟 Jacqueline Wong
Photo from 丫鬟大联盟

Wonder Woman (多功能老婆), the previous primetime series, averaged 26.1 rating points. However, Handmaidens United took over the same primetime slot but suffered a significant plunge in ratings of 19.8 rating points, a loss of almost 420,000 viewers!

丫鬟大联盟 Jacqueline Wong
Photo from 丫鬟大联盟

Andy Hui has had his fair share of backlash from the public as well, with crowds booing him when he turned up at his wife Sammi Cheng's concerts in Hong Kong.

What do you think of the public's reaction to Jacqueline Wong and Andy Hui after their scandal?

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