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5 Ways To Know If A Guy Is Or Isn't Into You

5 Ways To Know If A Guy Is Or Isn't Into You

By Amanda on 03 Jan 2020
Digital Editor

Ever thought someone was into you but it turns out that he didn't like you? Or were you close friends with a guy who you thought was purely platonic but turns out he had a crush on you?


There are some actions that guys do that may mislead you into thinking that he has something for you or he is purely just a good friend but do you know what they are?

Scroll on to find out more!

When he isn't into you but seems like he is

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#1 If a guy stares at you for a long time in a public setting, don't be quick to assume that he likes you! He may be just staring at a new hairstyle or your outfit or simply staring into nothing.

#2 When he avoids meeting your gaze, it does not mean anything. More likely than not, he just don't want you to misunderstand him.

#3 If he always find you to talk and chat about life, it does not mean that you matter to him and that he likes you. You may just be someone that he finds comfortable chatting with and you might be the only one who responds to his text.


#4 A guy who flirts with you is not necessarily someone who likes you. It may be something that he does with other girls.

#5 If a guy can carry a conversation well with you, it does not mean that he understands you. It just means that he is good at communicating with others.

When he actually likes you a lot

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#1 He will notice everything you do and be interested in them. He will find out what makes you happy and try to make it happen for you.

#2 He will try to make himself look good in front of you. He may be the most lupsup in front of his friends but he will try to look his best in front of you.

#3 If he does something embarrassing in public, he will look at you straightaway to see if you have noticed.

#4 He is willing to do the most mundane and boring of things (to him) with you such as shopping, watching drama or staring into space together because any time spent with you is precious to him.

#5 When he sees you with other guy, he will probe into it - asking you who this guy is and whether you guys are good friends jokingly (not joking because he is actually jealous).

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Do you have someone in your life who fulfils all the criteria above? If you have someone who actually likes you, go ahead and let him know if you are interested or not and who knows, you may be attached soon!

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