8 Easy Tips To Get Smooth, Flawless Legs

8 Easy Tips To Get Smooth, Flawless Legs

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ByKarmenon31 Dec 2019Digital Editor

While it's nice to be au naturale and focus on inner beauty, it's also pretty great to pamper yourself with a bit of outer beauty too, like having smooth, hairless and flawless legs!

Keep reading to find out eight tips on how to get flawless legs!

#1 Don't use soap to shave

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Use a shaving cream or gel that softens hair and makes it easy to get the closest shave for super smooth legs. It also creates lubrication so the razor slides easily across your skin to avoid cuts.

#2 Use a quality razor

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See the 10-in-a-pack disposable razors that go for a very affordable price? Stay away from those! Low quality razors tend to drag against your skin and leave you with nicks and cuts or red, irritated bumps. Invest in a high quality razor that has a flexible head and multiple blades for you to navigate the trickier areas to shave like your knees.

#3 Shave after a hot shower

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Once you get into the shower, start with your shampoo, conditioner, and body cleansing first. About 15 minutes of a hot shower, this is the ideal time to start shaving as your leg hairs are softened and follicles are opened. Avoid waiting too long as your skin will get wrinkly which makes it more difficult to get a close shave.

#4 Replace razor blades 

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Dull blades are less effective and more likely to cause skin irritation and trap bacteria. It's best to replace your razor blades every two to three weeks.

#5 Exfoliate

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A close shave may result in ingrown hairs. To prevent this, use a body scrub two to three times a week to get rid of dead skin cells. You can also use a loofah with your usual body wash on a daily basis to gently exfoliate your skin.

#6 Apply sunscreen

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You probably already have a daily routine of applying SPF on your face, but your legs need the same tender loving care too! To maintain the healthy skin on your legs, apply sunscreen every time your legs are exposed in the sun.

#7 Apply moisturiser immediately after a shower

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A common skin woe ladies have is the crocodile skin on our legs. Immediately after a shower, apply a body cream that contains shea butter, ceramides, or lanolin while your skin is still damp as this will lock in even more water.

#8 Try other hair removal methods

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If shaving still leaves you with little prickly hairs, consider other hair removal options like waxing, epilating and IPL hair removal which removes the entire hair follicle. Do note to take the steps above to prevent ingrown hairs, moisturise and apply sunscreen too!

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