Girls With Bangs, This Is One Lifesaver Product You Must Have!

Girls With Bangs, This Is One Lifesaver Product You Must Have!

ByAmanda on 13 Dec 2019 Digital Editor

Girls with bangs or ever had bangs, you would know how much of a hassle it is to keep your bangs airy and oil-free, especially in Singapore! Airy bangs may look good when the weather is nice and breezy but if you are in a super hot and humid environment, your bangs will just lose its curls and stick on your forehead as you sweat. You can even form pimples from having bangs as well!

You may have your own method to keep your bangs matte, airy with a nice curl to it but it's usually a lot of work. This Bang Hair Fixer from South Korea is here to fix all your bangs problems.

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bang hair fixer
Photo from Beauty Spoon

Gone are the days of greasy bangs with this lifesaver product! Beauty Spoon's Bang Hair Fixer is a powder spray wax that will help to fix your bangs when you need it. Just a spritz can help keep your fringe matte and curly for the entire day.

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If you are thinking that the wax may make your fringe look unnaturally hard, fret not because the Bang Hair Fixer uses powder wax to fix your fringe. Simply use your fingers to tousle your fringe out after spraying and you will have pretty bangs for days! Each bottle can last you 2-3 months and it is in a travel-friendly size that you can pop in your purse for a mid-day touch up.

Photo from Beauty Spoon

If you are hesitant to get bangs because of the oil and maintenance, you can now get them with this genius hair product!

The Bang Hair Fixer is unfortunately only available at South Korea's Olive Young stores, retailing for 14,900won (~SGD 17.01) each. If you are heading to Korea soon, you can grab one of these or you can ask a kind traveller to bring it back for you on Airfrov!

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