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8 Habits To Control Your Appetite & Lose Weight At The Same Time

8 Habits To Control Your Appetite & Lose Weight At The Same Time

By Amanda on 09 Dec 2019
Digital Editor

Losing weight is probably one of the most difficult things in the world because you will need to take time out to exercise, eat low calorie and healthy meals, and maintain good habits - something we are too unmotivated to continue for a long time.


To keep those calories off in the long run, you will need to increase physical activity and reduce calorie intake. Since it's just too time and energy-consuming to keep exercising, you can reduce your calorie intake by controlling your appetite.

Seems too difficult? Just follow our eight steps to control your appetite!

#1 Have your meal at somewhere quiet

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Noisy environments stimulate your senses and drive your adrenaline higher, making you feel hungry and eat more. By eating in a quiet environment, you eat with less stress stimuli to make you hungry, thus eating less. This is also why you eat less when you are home alone as opposed to eating out in a noisy restaurant with friends.

#2 Eat with your less dominant hand

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If you are right-handed, try eating with your left hand (and vice versa). As you are not comfortable with using your opposite hand, your food intake is slower and you will feel full faster.

#3 Eat spicy food

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This works well if you are not too good at eating spicy food. The spice can help to increase metabolism and burn fats, as well as slow down your food intake.

#4 Use small plates

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If you use a larger bowl to hold the same amount of food that can fit in a small bowl, your mind will subconsciously think that you haven't eaten enough. Conversely, if you use a smaller bowl filled to the brim, you will think that you ate a lot and will feel full more easily.

#5 Eat your food in order


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Start your meal with low calorie food such as soup or vegetables and slowly build up to the proteins and finally carbs. This way, you fill your stomach with lower calories first and reduce overeating.

#6 Drink more water

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Stay away from sweet drinks and get at least eight glasses of water daily! Drinking water makes you feel full so make sure you drink water instead of snacking when you are feeling hungry. You should also drink water before 7pm so as to prevent water retention the next day.

#7 Chew your food slowly

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Chew at least 30 times with each bite of your food and you will find that you will feel full more easily as chewing helps to increase digestion in the mouth.

#8 Hold your hand in a fist

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Holding your hand in a fist sends a signal to the brain to let you be determined. When you find yourself hungry and finding food to snack, hold your hand in a fist for 30 seconds to let the urge pass.

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