10 Alternative Christmas Trees For The Unconventional Merrymakers

10 Alternative Christmas Trees For The Unconventional Merrymakers

ByKarmen on 29 Nov 2019 Digital Editor

Who doesn't dream of owning one of those giant Christmas trees that fills your home with a comforting scent?

It's too bad that real evergreens can be pricey and artificial trees will add to your carbon footprint. Thankfully, these aren't your only options. We've found 10 alternative Christmas trees that will still get you in a festive mood and brighten your home!

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#1 Wooden tree

one two tree eco-friendly Christmas tree
Photo from one two tree

This eco-friendly Christmas tree (from AUD 399, ~SGD 313.29) is made of hoop pine wood that can be styled to suit any space. It is available in two sizes and consists of timber branches that rotate on a sturdy trunk, allowing you to create individual looks that can be updated year after year.

#2 Books

Christmas tree made of books
Photo from Pinterest

Showcase your favourite authors and stories by making it into a Christmas tree! If you have any random books scattered around your home, this will give you a temporary place to put them all.

#3 Paper butterflies

Christmas tree made of paper butterflies
Photo from Pinterest

A neat challenge for DIY enthusiasts!

#4 Illustration or art print

Christmas tree illustration on the wall
Photo from Pinterest

If you simply don't have space for even the smallest tree, simply hang a 2D illustration of a Christmas tree on the wall! You can display the print as is, or tape on lightweight ornaments and fairy lights to decorate the tree.

illustration of Christmas tree
Photo from Society6

This watercolour illustration (USD 13.29 - 38.49, ~SGD ) from Society6 will cosy up your home without taking up any space at all! 😆

#5 A wall of ornaments

Christmas tree made of ornaments stuck onto the wall
Photo from Pinterest

This is another space-saving Christmas tree alternative! Tape Christmas ornaments on your wall in a tree shape and add lights for a stunning visual treat.


If your wall paint flakes off easily, paste the ornaments on a framed board instead!

#6 Leaves

Christmas tree made of leaves and ornaments stuck onto the wall
Photo from Pinterest

Talk about budget! Simply paste either faux plastic leaves or real ones on your wall in the shape of a tree and you have a Christmas tree that'll get a thumbs up from any stylish minimalist.

#7 Sticks

Christmas tree made of sticks and ornaments
Photo from Pinterest

Look around your neighbourhood for sticks and string them up with ornaments for a makeshift, wallet-friendly Christmas tree!

#8 Ladder

Christmas tree made of a ladder and ornaments
Photo from Pinterest

Another budget Christmas tree option coming up! If you have a ladder that doesn't look too shabby, deck it out in boughs of holly or whatever ornaments and decorations you like!

#9 Photographs

Christmas tree made of photographs
Photo from Pinterest

Here's a sentimental one that will make you think about your fond memories! Party guests will also get a lovely surprise when they see their faces on your Christmas tree.

#10 Your own dead houseplants

Christmas tree made of a dead houseplants
Photo from Pinterest

If you have any large houseplants that have withered and died, don't toss it out just yet! It could be repurposed as a mini Christmas tree!

At the end of the day, the best Christmas tree for you is one that spreads holiday cheer while fitting your home and lifestyle. Throw out the rules and traditions and pick a tree that speaks to you!

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Text by: GirlStyle SG

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