You Need To Know These 5 Hidden Sheet Mask Uses!

You Need To Know These 5 Hidden Sheet Mask Uses!

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ByAmandaon01 Dec 2019Digital Editor

Sheet masks are a godsend as it allows us to get better skin in just a short amount of time plus they are not too pricey! They come packed with serum that we try to bua all over our body to not put any to waste but sometimes there is just too much serum to be used!

Get the best bang for your buck with these five hidden uses to your sheet mask and leftover serum. Save money and look pretty at the same time with our tips!

Scroll on for the five hidden sheet mask uses!

#1 Reuse your cushion pacts

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Cushion pacts tend to dry up after using it for a while. Extend the shelf life of your cushion pacts by pouring the leftover serum from your masks into the cushion. Besides, you can also add in a serum that will work for you best - such as hydrating or whitening serums!

You can also add them in your concealers as it will allow the makeup to adhere to your skin better.

#2 Lip Mask

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Want to get plump and juicy lips that are not cracking? Pour the leftover serum from the sheet mask into a small dish and mix it with some brown sugar for a lip mask. Leave it on for the same time as your sheet mask and wash it off after that to get beautiful lips!

#3 Serum Mist

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If you have dry skin or need a perk-me-up in the afternoon, pour the leftover serum in a small spray bottle as a face mist! You can also keep the leftover serum in a normal bottle and pour some on a small cotton pad to rub on places you don't really take care of such as your elbows and knees.

#4 Bag Wipe

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Squeeze out the leftover serum from your sheet mask when you are done with it and give your bags a wipe with the dried out sheet mask. You can clean out stains and add a layer of protection to your bag using this method.

#5 Hair Serum

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Rub some of the leftover serum on the ends of your hair to prevent it from frizzing up! This is especially useful for girls with dyed or damaged hair as it provides some moisture for your tangled and frizzy ends.

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