8 Cool Ways To Celebrate Your Birthday In Singapore

8 Cool Ways To Celebrate Your Birthday In Singapore

ByKarmen on 15 Nov 2019 Digital Editor

For many, birthdays are a big deal! If you agree that your special day should be celebrated with as much fanfare as possible, a simple dinner and cake with candles probably isn't enough to satisfy you.

Cue our handy list of cool things to do for your birthday.

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#1 Paintball

people playing paintball at Red Dynasty Paintball Park
Photo from Red Dynasty Paintball Park

What could be more fun than shooting your loved ones with paintballs in celebration of another year of your existence?

Red Dynasty Paintball Park offers a birthday package where you and 10 of your best buddies get a 2-hour paintball session during your birthday month with 1500 Paintballs, a pizza, birthday gift and more for $500. Reservations are required so make sure to plan ahead for your special day!

#2 Laser tag

people playing saber tag
Photo from The Fun Empire

For something less painful, try laser tag instead! Laser Tag Singapore offers an adrenaline pumping gaming experience with exciting mission scenarios for a thrilling birthday celebration. Prices start from $15 per pax for a 1-hour booking which comes with 10 sets of laser tag equipment, 2 facilitators and bunkers and obstacles.

If regular laser tag isn't enough for a special occasion, go for Saber Tag® instead! It's a novel team-based gaming concept that incorporates combat sabers and proprietary electronic scoring vest technology. Players don on scoring vests and wield glowing combat sabers to engage in a variety of exciting game missions against their friends.

#2 Archery tag

people playing archery tag at Red Dynasty Paintball Park
Photo from Red Dynasty Paintball Park

Another unusual alternative to laser tag is archery tag! Imagine yourself in medieval days and battle it out in a game of archery with your best buddies. Red Dynasty Paintball Park offers archery tag for a group of up to 15 people starting from $450 for 1.5 hours.

#4 Yacht party

White Sails' Sunrise yacht
Photo from White Sails

people partying at White Sails' Sunrise yacht
Photo from White Sails

You've seen Hollywood celebrities do it and you can live their lives too when you throw your own luxury birthday bash in a yacht ! You can find yacht rentals like White Sails' Sunrise yacht which accommodates a party of up to 18 with prices starting at $599. Besides hanging out in the yacht itself, there's also more to do in the waters. Go kayaking, snorkelling or take a refreshing dip in the sea!


#5 Donut Float party

Flodoco's Floating Donut party
Photo from Flodoco

For a more intimate and low key celebration on the waters, have your birthday dinner on a giant donut-shaped float!

Flodoco's Floating Donut is a round boat with a built-in table or ice-bowl, cooler, umbrella, LED lights, and Bluetooth speaker that seats up to eight people. Led by a private captain, the boats depart from Clifford Pier, Collyer Quay, Singapore, and navigate around Marina Bay.

Flodoco's Floating Donut party food
Photo from Flodoco

You can choose from a range of delicious platters or order food and drinks a la carte. Prices start from $273 for 4 pax and 1.5 hours on the donut float!

#6 Bouncy house party

Carnival Rental bouncy house
Photo from Carnival Rental

Who says bouncy houses are just for kids?

Relive your carefree childhood days while bouncing and sliding around your own bouncy house! At Carnival Rental, you can rent your own bouncy house, ball pit and even carnival games to complete the perfect birthday celebration.

#7 Go kart

The Karting Arena has electric powered karts
Photo from The Karting Arena

Speed lovers will love the idea of go karting for their birthday. The Karting Arena has electric powered karts with superior acceleration for an electrifying racing experience. Prices start from $25 per person.

#8 Bubble soccer

Bubble Bump Singapore bubble soccer game
Photo from Bubble Bump Singapore

There'll be plenty of laughs and giggles while you and your favourite people charge at each other while wearing giant bubble suits. Bubble Bump Singapore offers a wide variety of bubble soccer games for a whacky and exhilarating  birthday celebration. Prices start from $15 per pax for 10 bubble suits.

If you're interested in more activity ideas, check out our list of things to do to vent your anger which will be lots of fun for a birthday celebration too!

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