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8 Types Of Girls According To The Animal They Resemble

8 Types Of Girls According To The Animal They Resemble

By Amanda on 11 Nov 2019
Digital Editor

Have you ever wondered what kind of animal you resemble and what it means for you? Be it your personality or face-wise, we figured that there are eight main types of girls according the animal they resemble.


Curious to know what is your spirit animal? Scroll on and find out which animal resembles you best!

#1 Puppy

cute puppyPhoto from Pinterest

yuqi gidlePhoto from Pinterest

Puppy-like girls are known to be popular with many people as they have a way with people and can sense whether a person is feeling comfortable or not. They are usually very willing to lend a helping hand and have a cheerful, amicable personality. However, they tend to get jealous easily and will get upset and sad if their boyfriend or best friend ignores them for a long time. It is easy to console them though - they get over it once you shower them with attention.

#2 Cat

KittenPhoto from Pinterest


Yeji ItzyPhoto from Pinterest

Cat-like girls are the epitome of chic and cool with unrivalled confidence. They are a little blur, zone out easily and have a lazy, chill vibe to them. They are the kind who do not laugh at other people's jokes easily but they take care of people well. They are usually very cool with things and anything goes but they will get upset if people do not plan properly.

#3 Piglets

cute pigletPhoto from Pinterest

rose eatingPhoto from Pinterest

Piglet-like girls are absolute foodies who are always snacking and have a list of restaurants and cafes that they will try out. They are very likeable as they have don't harbour any ill-intentions towards others and are usually happy pills who will brighten up anyone's day. A foolproof way of getting close to them is by simply buying them their favourite food! They are all in all easy-going and happy girls that people love!

#4 Sloth

slothPhoto from Pinterest


Irene Red VelvetPhoto from Pinterest

Sloth-like girls are certified homebodies who never leave their house unless absolutely necessary. They love to stay home to nua and they are happiest when they are at home. They are usually slow in replying texts and this may frustrate their friends sometimes. They may not have a lot of friends but they will have a few super close ones who understand their sloth-like activities and love them in spite of it.

#5 Skunk

SkunkPhoto from Pinterest

Hani EXIDPhoto from Pinterest

We are not saying you girls stink! Skunk-like girls are very no-frills and they just do things their way. They have no qualms with embarrassing themselves by burping or farting as they wish and they are popular with both guys and girls alike for their outgoing and straightforward personality. They are comfortable to be around although they can be a little TMI with their actions and words.

#6 Wolf

wolfPhoto from Pinterest


HeizePhoto from Pinterest

Wolf-like girls are warriors at heart and are extremely protective of their friends. They are the most dependable and will always be there for you when you need them. They are also assertive individuals who are decisive and may seem like someone who is cold and unrelenting. Although they are hard to get close to, they will go all out for you when you become close friends. However, once you betray their trust, it's the end of your friendship.

#7 Bear

polar bearPhoto from Pinterest

seulgiPhoto from Pinterest

Bear-like girls are just too nice and cute! They have a child-like innocence to them that brings out the motherly instincts in other people. They are emotional and it shows - laughing and smiling widely when they are happy and crying and sulking when they are sad. They find it hard to reject others as they are kind at heart but it makes them easy targets to be made use of.

#8 Bunny

bunnyPhoto from Pinterest

PinterestPhoto from Pinterest

Bunny-like girls are always so curious about everything but yet always in their own world. They are imaginative girls who can be seen as a little kooky at times. They get stressed easily but they get over their stress fast as well. They have strong likes and dislikes and are unique individuals with a quirky personality.

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Text by: GirlStyle SG