Relive The High Spirited Atmosphere At KAMP Singapore 2019

Relive The High Spirited Atmosphere At KAMP Singapore 2019

By Amanda on 16 Nov 2019
Digital Editor

It was a weekend of stellar performances and high spirits at KAMP Singapore 2019, a two-night K-Pop Festival held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 9 and 10 November.

This is the first time that KAMP Festival was held in Singapore and they brought together some big names in K-Pop such as Super Junior, Chungha, NCT 127 and GFriend. Relive the atmosphere and performances of last weekend and check out what went down during KAMP Singapore 2019!

Are you ready? Let's go KAMPing!

Day 1 

GFriend KAMPPhoto from KAMP Singapore 2019

Day 1 of KAMP Singapore 2019 started with a bang with the opening act - GFriend. They started the show with their hit songs "Fingertip" and "Navillera", which got the audience adrenaline going. They thanked the fans for coming and hoped that they will have fun, followed by upbeat songs "Life Is A Party" and "Vacation", which riled up the crowd even more.

yerin gfriendPhoto from KAMP Singapore

GFriend members Eunha and Yerin did some aegyo (cute actions) for their fans at the request of Sowon even though they protested that it did not match the mood of their next song to no avail. The girls then wowed the crowd with a ballad version of their 2016 hit Rough and their 2019 B-side track A Starry Sky, with Yuju belting out high notes that blew everyone's minds away.

GfriendPhoto from KAMP Singapore

GFriend requested for the crowd to practice and sing "Time For The Moon Night" with them and ended their set with their latest songs "Fever" and "Time For The Moon Night", where all Buddies in the crowd sang along.

AleXa KampPhoto from KAMP Singapore 2019

Following GFriend was a surprise guest not in the original lineup of performances. Recently debuted soloist AleXa riled up the crowd with a powerful dance piece leading into her debut single "Bomb", a Brazilian funk with electronic beats. AleXa shared how she loved the atmosphere at KAMP 2019 and then performed cover dances of Monsta X's "Dramarama" and B.A.P's "Warrior", which made the crowd cheer even louder.

ha sung woonPhoto from KAMP Singapore

Ha Sung Woon performed on stage next, eliciting screams from the girls in the audience with his hit debut single, "Bird", an upbeat cute song that melted the hearts of all the girls around. Sung Woon then shared with the crowd how it's been a while since he was here in Singapore and he was happy to be back.

Ha sungwoonPhoto from KAMP Singapore

Following his ment, Sung Woon performed "Tell Me I Love You", a cheery confession song, and "Don't Forget", his first solo single where he collaborated with his fellow former Wanna One bandmate, Park Jihoon. Sung Woon's soft yet powerful vocals gave the song a soulful side that the audience picked up and loved.

ha sung woonPhoto from KAMP SIngapore

Sung Woon ended off his set with the songs "Bluemaze", "Blue" and"What are you doing today?!"from his latest album, "BXXX".

chunghaPhoto from KAMP Singapore

The star of the night had to be Chungha, with one of the loudest cheers of the night when she appeared singing "Snapping", a Latin-inspired pop song with an intense, seductive number. Although Chungha is one with a small stature, her stage presence that night was amazingly powerful and she also attributed it to the Singapore audience, saying that she gets her best energy from her fans who cheer her on.

ChunghaPhoto from KAMP Singapore

Chungha then performed her hits "Gotta Go", "Rollercoaster" and "Why Don't You Know", which got the crowd hyped up and singing along.

ChunghaPhoto from KAMP Singapore

Chungha surprised fans with her last performance, a cover of Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj's "Bang Bang". Fans of Chungha would have known that this performance paid homage to her Produce 101 days, where her dance cover performance of this song with other trainees went viral, ending her segment on a high note.

nct 127Photo from KAMP Singapore

The last act of the first night, NCT 127 started their segment with their powerful debut song "Fire Truck" and "Cherry Bomb". NCT 127 was in Singapore for their first ever concert in July and they said that they had "missed the fans since their last concert".

nct 127Photo from KAMP Singapore

The boys followed with the songs "Touch", "Replay" and "Regular", which riled the crowd up even more. They hope to come back to Singapore very soon, saying that the crowd in Singapore was "warmer than the weather" with the energy they were giving off.

NCT 127

KAMP Singapore

NCT 127 hopes to come back to Singapore soon and thanked their fans for loving K-pop and NCT. They ended day 1 on a high note with the title track from their latest album,"Superhuman", leaving fans clamouring for more.

Day 2

MomolandPhoto from KAMP SIngapore


Momoland kickstarted day 2 with their most popular song - "Bboom Bboom" - which got the audience singing along the ever catchy phrase "Just feel it Bboom Bboom!" and their debut song "Jjan! Koong! Kwang!".

MomolandPhoto from KAMP Singapore

It was a meaningful day for Momoland as it was their third year anniversary the same day they performed at KAMP and dedicated the upbeat songs "Uh Gi Yeo Cha" and "Holiday" to their fans.

MomolandPhoto from KAMP Singapore

Momoland ended their set with their immensely popular songs "I'm So Hot" and "Baam", which riled the crowd up for the night.

sonnet sonPhoto from KAMP Singapore

Sonnet Son (Son Seungyeon) stunned the audience that night with her powerful vocals. She started the set with covers of popular K-pop songs "Sherlock" from SHINee and "U&I" from Ailee. Sonnet explained that these songs were what she sang on the variety programme "King of Masked Singer" and she was the the female singer with most wins on the show.

sonnet sonPhoto from KAMP Singapore

Sonnet then covered other songs that she sang on the programme "King of Masked Singer". She paid tribute to late SHINee member Jonghyun by singing "Y Si Fuera Ella" as the audience's light bands turned the stadium into a wave of pearl aqua - SHINee's official colour. She then sang her own song "Solar Eclipse", an OST of the Korean drama "Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency".

sonnet sonPhoto from KAMP Singapore

Sonnet then surprised the crowd with a cover of JJ Lin's song "Practice Love", which she promised the Singapore fans that she will only sing for them. She ended her set with her latest single "I'm Not A Warrior", leaving fans wanting for more.

WJSNPhoto from KAMP Singapore

WJSN (Cosmic Girls) performed next, starting their set with their summer single "Boogie Up" and their hit song "Save Me, Save You". The WJSN members introduced themselves in fluent English and Mandarin and thanked their Singapore fans for their unwavering support.

WJSNPhoto from KAMP Singapore

WJSN then charmed the audience with their hit song "I Wish" and "My Type", a summery song released recently. They will be having a comeback on the 19th and appealed to their audience to listen to their new song.

wjsnPhoto from KAMP Singapore

The girls ended their set with "La La Love", the title track from their album "WJ Stay?" with fans singing along and cheering for them.

stray kidsPhoto from KAMP Singapore

Stray Kids performed next with loud cheers from the audience with their songs "Hellavator" and "District 9", which got fans riled up. They wished to present an awesome set list for their fans at KAMP Singapore as it was their first time in Singapore and they delivered!

Stray KidsPhoto from KAMP Singapore

Stray Kids leader Bang Chan joked that they just showered when they were all sweating profusely from the intense dancing. The boys then performed "Side Effect" and "Boxer", which got the crowd even more excited and hyped up.

Stray KidsPhoto from KAMP Singapore

Stray Kids made a strong impact for their first performance in Singapore, ending their set with their ever-popular songs "Double Knot", "Victory Song", "My Pace" and "Get Cool".

Super JuniorPhoto from KAMP Singapore

Super Junior proved themselves as veterans of the entertainment industry with their stage and hosting skills. They started their set with their recent releases "Super Clap" and "Black Suit" and Eunhyuk joked with a line from Super Clap "I’mma make you chilli crab. I’mma make you pepper crab. I’mma make you Super Clap", leaving fans howling.

Super JuniorPhoto from KAMP Singapore

Super Junior leader mentioned that they might be back in Singapore next year for a concert and left fans hanging as they performed their next songs "Devil" and "Miracle" to a sea of sapphire blue lightsticks.  Yesung then performed his latest release "Pink Magic" and Super Junior D&E members Eunhyuk and Donghae performed their song "Danger".

Super JuniorPhoto from KAMP Singapore

Leaving Donghae and Eunhyuk no time to rest, the ever-jokesters Super Junior members pushed for their next performance that got all K-pop fans, E.L.F or not, riled up! Fans chanted along for their arguably most popular song "Sorry Sorry" and ended their set with the songs "Mr Simple" and "Bonamana".

KAMP Singapore 2019 was one exciting concert and fans are definitely looking forward to coming back next year!

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Text by: GirlStyle SG

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