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Here's What You Should & Should Not Wear According To Your Body Shape

Here's What You Should & Should Not Wear According To Your Body Shape

By Amanda on 02 Oct 2019
Digital Editor

Everyone wants to look good in the clothes they wear so it is important to know what kind of clothes flatters you and what will make you frumpy and tacky. Don't chase after fashion fads and find what suits your body shape best!

Read on to find out what kind of clothes suit you and what does not!

Hourglass Figure: Big Chest, Slim Waist & Big Hips

Lady in blue bodycon dressPhoto from Pinterest

For girls blessed with the coveted hourglass figure, stick to fitting clothes that show off your curves! You want to stay away from baggy, shapeless clothes that doesn't show your waistline as these will make you look flabby and short.

Apple Figure: Big Chest, Small Waist & Hips

Girl in orange top and leopard print skirtPhoto from Pinterest

If you are heavier on the upper half of your body, you want to either play down the size of your chest or make your lower body bigger. Try bottoms that are slightly more flared or more bold in patterns so as to look more proportionate. Stay away from tops with spaghetti straps, off-shoulder tops and bodycon skirts with no patterns.

Pear Figure: Small Chest, Small Waist, Big Hips

Girl in blue overallsPhoto from Pinterest


For girls with pear figure, you want to make your upper body more pronounced for a more proportionate figure. Wear something loose on the top such as a off-shoulder or a top with bold patterns and fitting or A-line skirts. Stay away from deep v-necks and complicated patterns for your bottoms!

H Figure: Similar Proportions For Chest, Waist & Hips

Girl standing on stairsPhoto from Pinterest

Congrats! You have a figure that allows you to wear almost whatever you want! Recent fashion trends really flatter this body shape. However, you want to stay away from clothes that are too loose and have no form as these clothes will make your body even more shapeless.

O Figure: Small Chest & Hips, Big Waist

Girl in checkered dressPhoto from Pinterest

For girls with a big waist, the last thing you want to do is to draw attention to your waist! Try loose A-line dresses to give you that sleek silhouette or wear your tops and bottoms in similar tones. You want to stay away from anything that is cropped or draws attention to your waist such as complex belts.

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