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Cute Mini Fridge To Store Your Skincare Collection

Cute Mini Fridge To Store Your Skincare Collection

By Wei Yin on 02 Oct 2019
Digital Editor

It is not necessary to keep your skincare products in the fridge unless stated otherwise but it's just extra pampering to apply something cooling on our faces!


If you want to give your skin a cooling treat, read on to find out more!

Mini skincare fridgePhoto from Pinterest

Keeping your skincare in a fridge can extend the life of these products and the best part? It can help with puffiness when you apply cooling serums or creams on your face! ?

Here are some of the best skincare products to keep refrigerated:
- Eye cream (helps with de-puffing your eyes)
- Sheet masks (helps to cool sensitive skin)
- Water-based moisturisers (chemical reactions occur faster at higher temperatures and moisturisers are more prone to oxidation)

Mini fridge on vanity tablePhoto from Pinterest

While there are benefits for storing your skincare products in a fridge, a mini skincare refrigerator is an equally cute decoration to add to your room or vanity table too!

We recommend leaving it on your vanity table so you can reach out for your skincare products with ease rather than walking to the kitchen to retrieve it from the fridge there.

Mini skincare fridge from qoo10 in gif formatPhoto from Qoo10

Mini skincare fridge from qoo10Photo from Qoo10

Get your mini skincare refrigerator here: Qoo10

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