Edible Skincare To Help Your Skin Retain Moisture From Inside Out!

Edible Skincare To Help Your Skin Retain Moisture From Inside Out!

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ByWei Yin on 04 Oct 2019 Digital Editor

No girl would say "no" to having supple, dewy skin. What if we told you, to achieve that, you simply have to spend five seconds of your time to take an oral skincare product that would give you smooth and moisturised skin for a good 24 hours? ?

ORBIS DEFENCERA is Japan's first and only government-approved oral skincare!

Are you intrigued? Read on to find out more! 

Orbis Defencera package shot
Photo from GirlStyle SG

ORBIS DEFENCERA is a refreshing yuzu-flavoured powder oral skincare that retains the skin’s moisture by activating its own ability to prevent skin surface evaporation. Within the first month of its launch in Japan, a whopping 80,000 boxes were sold!

ORBIS DEFENCERA also took 10 years of intensive research and development before it was ready for launch! Taking just one sachet a day offers the same effect as applying lotion to your entire body for a full day.

Orbis Defencera sachet
Photo from ORBIS

Ageing, harsh environmental conditions, and unstable skin conditions will make cells on the outermost layer of skin weaken, causing gaps between each cell.

This is when ORBIS DEFENCERA comes into place. The key ingredient used is DF-Ceramide, an extremely rare and pure form of glucosylceramide. This helps to reinforce the outermost skin layer while filling in any gaps in between cells, then skin moisture will be retained from head to toe, even in places where dryness is common, such as the back, elbows and shins!

Orbis Defencera powder form
Photo from ORBIS

As it is in powder-form, it can be ingested anytime, anywhere and does not even need to be taken with water. It is also great for those who cannot swallow pills.

Official test results showed that those who took ORBIS DEFENCERA had a reduced amount of moisture lost through the skin and saw an improvement in skin roughness, dryness, redness and even fine lines!


Improvement of fine lines on forehead
Photo from ORBIS

Improvement on flaky skin and lips
Photo from ORBIS

Improvement on dry and dull elbows
Photo from ORBIS

Improvement on cracked heels
Photo from ORBIS

Result may vary among individuals. Images taken from participants who consumed the product over a continuous 3-month period.

ORBIS DEFENCERA is neither a supplement nor an external moisturiser but an oral skincare that offers you a more convenient way of caring for your skin! You will be able to bid goodbye to dry, flaky skin and welcome dewy, glass skin ✨

It is retailing for $54 for 30 x 1.5g sachets. One sachet a day keeps the dryness away so, get your ORBIS DEFENCERA soon if you want supple and smooth skin!

Get it here: orbis.com.sg or ORBIS Takashimaya.

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Text by: GirlStyle SG


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