Follow These Alphabet Posing Tips & Your Photos Will Never Look Repetitive Anymore

Follow These Alphabet Posing Tips & Your Photos Will Never Look Repetitive Anymore

ByWei Yin on 20 Sep 2019 Digital Editor

Since the holiday season is coming soon and many people will be travelling overseas, photo taking is inevitable as you will want to capture all the memories.

If you want to look your best in those photos so that you can post them on your Instagram, follow these alphabet posing tips and your photos will never look boring and repetitive anymore!

Scroll on to check out the different poses!

#1 A


Instead of standing straight like a stick with your legs together, follow this 'A' posing tip.

Spreading your legs further apart will make them look slimmer. Take the photo from a slightly lower angle and your legs will look elongated.

#2 B


For this pose, put your hand into a pocket or on your waist. Then, slightly tilt your leg to make it look like it's an effortless pose.

#3 F


People love taking photos at the stairs but are always posing the same way - standing at the top of the stairs and staring down at the camera. Yikes!

Instead of that old-fashioned pose, do something different by posing in this 'F' way. Sit down and put one leg in front while the other is folded near your body. Rest your elbow on the side for the finishing touch!

#4 h


This pose is more for those hypebeasts out there. It will look really cool if you're wearing streetwear!


#5 K


When you're on a holiday and want to show how excited you are, this 'K' pose is the one!

#6 P


This 'P' pose is more for OOTD shots.

Instead of those usual awkward OOTD poses, try this one where you lightly touch your hair and put one leg slightly towards the front.

#7 T


The best way to pose to look slim is the 'T' pose!

With your arms stretched out and one leg in front of the other, it makes your entire body frame look longer and slimmer instantly!

#8 X


If you are at places like Disneyland or any other theme parks, this 'X' pose will show everyone just how excited you are!

Your face doesn't have to be seen in every photo and if you're wearing a nice backless dress, this pose is great for showing your figure off too! ?

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Photos: 其恩酱 via 小红书
Text by: GirlStyle SG

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