How To Look Good (Or Even Better) While Wearing Glasses

How To Look Good (Or Even Better) While Wearing Glasses

ByKarmen on 06 Sep 2019 Digital Editor


The days where glasses were associated with nerdiness and unattractiveness are long gone. These days, we know that the right glasses and makeup can actually create an illusion of a slimmer, more symmetrical face and enhance your features!

Read on to find out the tips & tricks to look good in glasses.

#1 Choose the right frame size



If you have a round face with chubby cheeks and want a slimming effect, avoid choosing frames that are too small as it will only make your face look bigger. At the same time, stay away from oversized styles which will only accentuate the roundness of your face.

#2 Choose wide frames for a slimming effect



A wide angular frame is very flattering on most face shapes. To further emphasise the wide shape, choose a frame with a heavy brow bar to add definition and make your face look narrower and longer in contrast.

If your face shape isn't round, you can definitely pull off wide, round frame shapes which will also give a slimming effect! For a sophisticated look, choose wide cat-eye frames to bring out your distinctive features.

#3 Say yes to colours




Instead of the common black colour, try experimenting with different colours to brighten your look! Gold and silver colours are easy to match with any outfit while blue, pink, red and tortoiseshell glasses make a cute statement!

#4 Choose frames with cute decorations


This one's just for those with good eyesight! If you want to wear glasses as a fashion statement rather than to correct your eyesight, try these adorable frames from Aliexpress that have decorations like stars, flowers and bows ($8.83 - $12.62).

#5 Balance your look with makeup


You may think that glasses will hide your dark eye circles, but it can actually worsen it as the frames create shadows on your face! Counter this by applying a brightening concealer under your eyes.

Eye makeup can be tricky! Go for a winged eyeliner to draw attention to your eyes and choose a neutral and shimmery eyeshadow to make you look bright and awake. Don't forget to apply blush as a pop of colour on your cheeks will complement your glasses perfectly!

With the right tricks, glasses can be a tool for you to look even better!

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