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5 Fashionable Autumn Outfits To Get From Taobao

5 Fashionable Autumn Outfits To Get From Taobao

By Wei Yin on 04 Sep 2019
Digital Editor

We are almost approaching the end of 2019 where most people would be travelling overseas for a holiday to take a well-deserved break.

Many Singaporeans like travelling to countries with a colder climate to escape from the incessant heat in Singapore. So, we have curated a list of fashionable yet affordable clothing you can get from Taobao to wear for the autumn season at your upcoming holiday.

Read on to find out more! 

#1 Brown long sleeve blouse



Brown is a popular colour for clothes when it comes to autumn as it resembles the shades of autumn foliages.

This brown long sleeve blouse would look great under a coat and can be worn as an outerwear piece too when it's not too cold out.

Price: 49.90 Yuan (~10 SGD)

Get it here: Taobao

#2 Dusty pink long sleeve blouse



This long sleeve blouse is in a sweet dusty pink colour that goes well with autumn too.

Price: 34.98 Yuan (~7 SGD)

Get it here: Taobao

#3 Trench dress



This dress resembles the design of a trench coat. The sheer white sleeves and pleated design of the dress would make anybody look elegant!

Wear this when you are heading out to a nice restaurant for dinner on your holiday ?


Price: 79.80 Yuan (~15 SGD)

Get it here: Taobao

#4 Midi dress




Go for midi dresses during autumn as it gives you a girly look while protecting your legs from harsh winds.

This white midi dress with ruffles is absolutely classy-looking! Pair it with high socks like the model and make sure to put on a coat or outerwear to keep yourself warm.

Price: 52.80 Yuan (~10 SGD)

Get it here: Taobao

#5 Sweater and skirt



If you are someone who would rather brave the cold and look good than wrap yourself up in thick clothes and look ugly, this is the outfit for you! ?

This outfit comes as a set with a brown oversized sweater and checkered mini skirt. It will look really good when paired with knee-high boots too.

The best thing about this outfit is that it costs only about 20 SGD for a sweater and skirt!

Price: 109 Yuan (~20 SGD)

Get it here: Taobao

Which of these will you be getting? Share this post with a girlfriend who needs new clothes! ?

Photos: Taobao
Text by: GirlStyle SG

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