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Myolie Wu Gives Birth To Second Son & Celebrates 20th Anniversary Of Her Career

Myolie Wu Gives Birth To Second Son & Celebrates 20th Anniversary Of Her Career

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By elaine.kiew on 12 Jul 2019

Myolie Wu announced the birth of her second son in an Instagram post on July 6.



While she did not reveal her newborn son's face immediately, Myolie Wu revealed his name to be Ryan Lee (李奕霖).

In another post, Myolie's husband Philip Lee explained that both their first son, Brendan, and newborn son Ryan's generational name was taken from his clan's family tree.



According to Philip, 'Ryan' is an Irish name just like 'Brendan' and both Myolie and he liked it a lot. They later found out it means "little king" and found it to be a fitting name.

Before he concluded the post, Philip thanked Myolie and their newborn son for all their hard work and assured everyone that both of them are in good hands ❤️


Myolie Wu Celebrates Her 20th Anniversary In The Entertainment Industry

Do you remember any of Myolie Wu's roles?

Myolie won the "Best Actress" award for her role in Curse of the Royal Harem in 2011 and "Most Favourite TV Female character" for her role in Ghetto Justice.


Like the sweet husband he has always been, Philip dedicated a post singing praise of Myolie with the following caption:

"My wife once said to me that she never saw herself as especially talented, beautiful or the most socially smart. But she said she overcame that by trying to be the most hardworking."

"For example, two months of filming a TVB drama with hardly any sleep would be enough for many peers to require a long rest before the next job. But not her. She is famous for immediately pushing producers and decision makers for the next project! Tough and 'indestructible' as she was known to be by her colleagues, this has led her to where she is now. Today she can still enjoy projects but also carve out some time for personal life."


Myolie and Philip got married in a grand setting after ending her 8-year relationship with fellow Hong Kong actor Bosco Wong.


They celebrated their third anniversary in Dec 2018 and we are happy to know that their family is expanding!

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Photos: Myolie Wu (via Instagram)
Text by: GirlStyle SG