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8 Rules For A Happy Relationship (Or Marriage)

8 Rules For A Happy Relationship (Or Marriage)

By christinelai on 22 May 2019

Remember those early dating days where all you can think about is how good your partner is? And how fascinated you are even with his/her imperfections? Times may have changed but if you can find the sparks again, you will find renewed energy to keep pursuing and loving your partner. This is the key to a lasting romance!


Here are eight rules you should live by to strengthen your relationship and build a lasting marriage.



1.  Never be angry at each other at the same time.

2. Do not bring up what happened in the past; move on and trust. 
What happened in the past should stay in the past. If one partner cannot let go of a past event, the other party should be patient in listening and ideally, come to a resolution. Any unresolved heart issues should be communicated on a separate occasion and not be brought up during arguments.


3. If you did something wrong, take the initiative to talk about it.
Instead of running away or wishing that your partner will never find out, talk to your partner and ask for forgiveness Learn from your mistake and don't make the same mistake again


4. Say something extra nice to each other at least once a week.
Make the effort to be vocal about your love for each other. Be generous about complimenting your partner. It may be an unusual move for some, but this nice gesture will go a long way.

5. Rather neglect the whole world, than each other.
Plan your schedule ahead and include private dates and undisturbed time with each other. Once the priority is compromised, the relationship is leading to an unhealthy path of misplaced priorities.


6. Practice self-control
If you have to say something negative or even criticise your partner, do it lovingly and time it well. Try to avoid emotional confrontation or impulsive threats.

7. Never raise your voice at your partner
The shouting game never ends. Respect is learning to slow down and talk properly, even if your emotions are running high. Walk away and give each other some time to cool down before approaching a sensitive topic.

8. Never go to bed angry
Every couple needs to find a unique way to sleep and resolve any unhappiness before they close their eyes and sleep.



If you are someone who doesn't like to talk about how you feel, you need to learn to open up and work with your partner before they walk away and work it out with someone else.

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