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Xiaxue's Leaked Video Leaves Ian Fang & Carrie Wong's Relationship Questionable

Xiaxue's Leaked Video Leaves Ian Fang & Carrie Wong's Relationship Questionable

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By elaine.kiew on 17 May 2019

In the morning of Friday, 17 May, famous blogger cum influencer Xiaxue posted a series of stories on Instagram, sharing a leaked video detailing the conversation between Carrie Wong and her friend Gabriel Wong.



According to Xiaxue, one of her followers allegedly sent her the video, exposing the WhatsApp conversation between Carrie Wong and her friend Gabriel Wong.


Though Xiaxue has since taken down the video upon Carrie's request, a HardwareZone Master User called Jalesako managed to screenshot the entire conversation and posted it up on HardwareZone. View the full leaked screenshots here on page 147.


The screenshots started with a photo Gabriel Wong sent Carrie, suggesting that Ian and Carrie moved towards each other "naturally".

Carrie then shared how Ian touched her hands and legs, then stayed over at her place. In the latest screenshots, Carrie said her dad was unhappy and shocked to see Ian at their place and demanded an explanation because she was supposedly dating Taiwanese boyfriend Boris.


During Carrie's conversation with Gabriel, the names 'Boris' and 'Becks' were mentioned, leaving many to believe that 'Becks' is short for Rebecca, a female celebrity whom Ian has been rumoured to be dating for years.

Though Ian Fang and Rebecca Lim have never confirmed their relationship, Rebecca went on an unfollowing spree the next day the Carrie Wong-Ian Fang scandal broke.


Carrie: Wtf what kind of situation is this???
Carrie: It's so messed up I don't even know how
Gabriel: Hmmm
Gabriel: You both wanna be with one another but have someone else
Carrie: Yah
Carrie: And it's not like our someone else is someone bad
Carrie: Becks and Borris really are people
Carrie: You cannot hurt one
Carrie: They are so nice so nice

View the full leaked screenshots on HardwareZone here on page 147.


Carrie Wong and Ian Fang filed a police report

According to Ivy Low, the head of The Celebrity Agency (TCA), Carrie Wong and Ian Fanga police report has made a police report about the leak and exposure of their private messages.

Though the culprit who leaked the celebrities' private messages have yet to be identified, the news has been alarming and have shaken the industry.

Want to find out which brat made the biggest expose of 2019 (so far)? Stay tuned for more updates! Meanwhile, head over to HardwareZone (Pg 147) to view the entire leaked screenshots.

Photos from: HardwareZone, Ian Fang, Carrie Wong, Xiaxue
Text by: GirlStyle SG