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Spice Up Your Room With Any Of These 9 Lights Under $35

Spice Up Your Room With Any Of These 9 Lights Under $35

By elaine.kiew on 27 Mar 2019

Do you know what all our dream rooms have in common? Good lighting.

If you have been wanting to recreate your dream room for a while now, it is time to take action and start off by creating the ambience that you want.

Be it a warm, cosy room to snuggle in any day or one that can brighten up your room and show how sparkly clean and tidy you are; we got you. Scroll ahead for our favourite finds! 

#1 Retro Chandelier

Though this is used more in the common living space, no one said it is forbidden in your room. If you are into all things retro, this could be a bonus.


Buy it here

#2 Retro Geometry

These geometric lights carry a little retro game in them. Pair it up with a dark wooden room door, wardrobe and window frames and your room will instantly turn classy.


Yours at $33! Buy it here

#3 Diamond Lights

Do not belittle these diamonds. They may just be the sparkle your room needs!



3-metre with 20 light bulbs - $7.50
5-metre with 40 light bulbs - $12.35
10-metre with 100 light bulbs - #15.15

Buy it here

#4 Moon and Stars

This is how it feels when the stars align.



Hang it any corner you want and watch your room transform!


Easily yours at $15.65

Buy it here

#5 Pineapple


If you are going green with your new room, consider adding these cute pineapple lights for that extra sparkle!


This series is operational by both battery and AC power plug.

1.5-metre - $5.55
3.2-metre - $8.45
6.4-metre - $13.70



Buy it here

#6 Polaroid Lights

This one goes out to all the girls who love framing the important moments of their lives. There you have it, a line of polaroid lights that come with cute, sparkly pegs!


You no longer have to worry about getting extra pegs when this comes in handy.



Buy it here

#7 Unicorn/Hipster LED Lights

This goes out to all the unicorn lovers!



Easily yours at $8.50

Buy it here

#9 Fairy Lights


Buy it here

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Photos: Taobao
Text by: GirlStyle SG

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