5 Local Newborn Photographers To Capture The Precious Moments Of Your Little One

5 Local Newborn Photographers To Capture The Precious Moments Of Your Little One

Bychristinelai on 20 Mar 2019

Social media platforms such as Instagram has been all the rage in recent years and almost everyone is obsessed with capturing and sharing the highest quality of pictures. Parents have now jumped onto the bandwagon and have started to engage professional photographs to capture the memorable milestones of their new and growing family.

In recent years, baby photography studios have gotten increasingly sought after by many Singaporean parents as they want to celebrate and capture the first few days of their little bundle of joy. If you're thinking of snapping some professional photos of your little newborn before he leaves his baby days behind for good, check out our list of newborn photographers in Singapore.


Ella Wong has been raved amongst the mummy community thanks to her professionalism and accommodating personality. If you're a little stressed out about a potential crying fit from your newborn, fret not as Ella is extremely patient and has a knack for handling toddlers and newborns. Ella also takes the initiative to discuss your preferred themes and colour choices so parents can feel free to let your creativity run wild. If that sound like something that would check all your boxes, then Ella Wong Photography will be the one for you.



Picture With Love has managed to direct the focus on the baby rather than props. The husband-and-wife team behind the photography company favours natural-looking photos, hence the duo sticks to minimal re-touching which has led to a diverse portfolio of timeless images. For new parents, nothing to worry about bringing your newborn out as Picture With Love places safety as their top priority, hence all sessions are done in the comfort of clients' homes where its founders believe its where families feel the most relaxed.



Run by a husband and wife duo, Jen Pan Photography holds the belief that children are best photographed during candid moments. The studio's clean, classic style will portray the emotional and beautiful side of your little one and family without the excessive use of props. Check out their portfolio in the link below if you would like to photograph your tiny little newborn before he or she grows up too quickly!




Consisting of a team of caring mothers, rest assured that Mamamiyo will know how to handle your baby with care and how to coax your little newborn into a happy and relaxed state. Clients have praised the photographers for their professionalism and their knowledge when it comes to handling fussy babies. These patient photographers will capture the precious and beautiful moments of your child's start in life and you'll be able to cherish these memories in the form of photos.



Sage Clover Photography is helmed by Kym, a laidback, casual and outgoing mother of three. She's one experienced mama so she definitely understands what it is like working with newborns and has a great way with the young ones. If you are looking for a collection of photos that evoke a dreamy, bright and airy vibe with a touch of whimsy, then Sage Clover Photography is the one for you.


We hope this list has been extremely informative and helpful for those who are on the lookout for newborn photographers. Know a new mama in your social circle who would appreciate this list? Share this post with her!

Text By: GirlStyle Singapore

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