Leading Korean Salon Has Announced 2019's Hair Colour And It's Going To Be All The Rage!

Leading Korean Salon Has Announced 2019's Hair Colour And It's Going To Be All The Rage!

By GirlStyle on 02 Jan 2019

It's the New Year and you must be thinking of doing something to that unruly mane of yours for a change. Or maybe you're considering doing your hair for the upcoming Chinese New Year. If you are stumped as to what you should do to your tresses, definitely consider this new colour developed by CHAHONG Academy, a leading hair salon in South Korea.

Named Bambi Brown, this red-toned chocolate shade has emerged as Korea's It hair colour. This sweet hair colour veers more towards light brown and it's one brown shaded that will suit almost all skin tones.


This particular shade of brown is known for its fresh, youthful vibe, similar to that of Disney's Bambi. So, go for Bambi Brown and take years off your actual age!



If you have long hair, this shade will give your tresses a lot more dimension, depth and texture. Because of that, there is not much work to do to achieve voluminous hair.


Not to worry if you are sporting a short hairstyle as this sweet chocolate tone has a subtle red undertone which will peek out through the layers, adding a playful touch to your look.


What are you waiting for? Be quick to book your hair appointment as women are scrambling everywhere to book their slots before Chinese New Year is around the corner. Also, if Bambi Brown is your next go-to hair colour, we do recommend you consult your hairstylist if your tresses require bleaching as this light brown may be hard to achieve for ladies with almost-black hair. Other than that, we think bleaching would be unnecessary. So, have faith and take a leap!

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